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My Progress

July 29: I finished six stories in six weeks!  All of them are different and they are varying lengths, but it feels great to hit this goal.

July 22: Well, it exploded on me a little bit, length-wise, but I did still manage to finish a ‘short’ story this week, about a crew of alien thieves.

July 14: Still keeping on target!  My short story this week was a bit of magical realism.  I’m glad that I’m not just writing new short stories but keeping them diverse.

July 8: Wrote one short story the last week and another one this week.  Both need cleaning up but I feel pretty good about the one from this week (about a scientist who studies parallel universes).

June 24: Wrote two short stories this week instead of one, albeit based on the same idea (Persephone in the modern world); one of them is definitely worth polishing for magazine submission.

About Me

Writing Sample

Water drips through the trees, rain run off desperate to reach the ground.  Thunder rumbles overhead and lightning flashes bright enough to blind.  I squeeze my eyes shut, a last ditch protection effort against both light and water.
I don’t seek shelter, though.
Not because I like the rain – I don’t – but because it is, slowly, starting to wash me clean.  It will take an actual scrubbing to get the caked blood off my skin, my hair, my clothes, but the rain makes an acceptable start.
The night is quiet other than the thunder. I would call it peaceful if I didn’t know what horrors it hid.  But that is of no matter.
I lick my lips.  Copper and rain dance on my tongue.
Tonight, for a wonder, I don’t feel hungry.  It’s a nice feeling.
Maybe tomorrow I will say the same thing.

What I Write

I write speculative fiction, usually closer to fantasy than science fiction, as well as the occasional poem or short stage play.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I am aiming to write one short speculative fiction story a week for the write-a-thon, length and subject matter to vary.