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(Writing Sample – Preface for 2nd edition of Microbe Whisperer Guidebook, cards for Environmental Healing: Divination and Education)

(First edition published at Amazon)

By JeM YinJoy, Ph.D.

We share Mother Earth with all manner of beasts and plant life. Since Humankind first swam beside dolphins, gazed at eagles in flight, or hunted deer for food, we have gained wisdom from our fellow beasts. Human mythology is interwoven with the wonder and skill of our cohabitant creatures. We have considered them spiritual guides. We have fed on their flesh to integrate their power, danced with their pelts adorning our shoulders, and conducted sacred rituals with masks cast of their feathers.

But what of the trillions of microscopic beasts that toil unseen upon this planet and create mutualistic homes from our bodies? Do we not wear them upon our skins, carry them about in our guts and swim with them through our cycles of air, water and soil?

While I trained as a research microbiologist at Cornell University, I cultivated microbes; tiny beasts that can only be viewed with a microscope. I grew specialized groups of these microbes and taught them how to eat toxic waste for our benefit, to help cleanse our land and purify our water.

As a woman who wears her indigenous heritage phenotypically; striving to succeed within Westernized, patriarchal science culture was extremely challenging. During this time, I was fortunate to encounter a group of people that hosted Native American Elders on their land. I had already started working with animal guides in dreamwork, so this connection helped to bring my sense of microbial spiritual guidance into a  shamanic framework. The sacred connection I made with the microbes I was cultivating, became a life-saving blessing during my, often difficult, trials. As I viewed photosynthetic bacteria under the microscope, I would be dazzled by the jewel-like emerald green of their pigments, feeling a Goddess-like energy emanating from them. And as I grew the soil microbes that consumed toxic waste, I sensed that there was a powerful presence of the Feminine Divine in these lovely, talented, tiny creatures!

So alongside the methodical, analytical, academic work that I put into my research at the lab bench, I also sang to the microbes. By doing this I raised the energy of Mother Earth in secret, midnight rituals to encourage the growth of these microbe populations as they flexed their special powers to perform their bioremediation tasks. Essentially, I “awoke” the spirit of the microbe. Of course this shamanic approach to the Feminine Divine was completely discordant within the narrowly defined boundaries of academia, at that time, in the 1990s.

But we are now in a new century. We have been struck with a blow of reality and have been brought to our collective knees, by a microbe called novel corona virus (SARS-CoV-2).  Given the dominant presence of this microbe in our global consciousness, it appears that the time to consult Microbe Animal Guides has arrived!


The intention of creating this guidebook and accompanying card deck, that blends a mystical and scientific approach to microbes, is a response to this world-wide yearning. That desire we have to commune with Mother Earth, and with all creatures that share with us the spark of Divine Presence.  In a world upturned, we seek to balance the energies between Feminine and Masculine, or Yin and Yang, in the scientific revelations of our natural world. One microbe, a virus, has clawed at our planetary lungs, and struck our clay feet, to remind us very stridently, that our world is out of balance.

This microscopic channeling from the Divine Presence requires a response! But we need to understand the language of this tiny messenger.


Perhaps it is time for us begin a dialogue with the trillions of beasts that are the “unseen” creators of our rich, pulsating, organic environment.

Knowing how these microbes survive in their natural habitat, will sharpen your senses, to hear their message. By listening to microbes, you can learn what microbes can teach you. These are lessons that are peculiar to how they gracefully thrive on our planet, so that you can also attain this state of harmony.


But these microbes need someone with specialized knowledge, to introduce you to the micro-niches that are particular to each microbe in their physical world. By understanding their physical world, you can more readily meet the microbe spirit guide in the realm of shared consciousness.


As an intuitive microbiologist, writer, artist and mystic, I have created 44 oracle cards to open up the portals to communication with these microbes. With each card, lovingly illustrated, I reveal the individual superpowers possessed by the microbes and their communities, as they spiral, twirl and wag their ways through the firm, soft, airy and liquid layers of our worlds.


By using guidebook, with the cards of 44 microbes that represent the diverse array of multitudes of microbes, you can learn to whisper to them like I have. By doing this you can receive wisdom, and guidance, that is both factual and spiritual.


With this Guidebook of Microbe Animal Guides, I invite you to become a Microbe Whisperer too!



What I Write

What I Write – By Dr. JeM YinJoy

Prismatic Lens

Imagine for a moment, a beam of white light, passing through a prism, to separate into the ROYGBIV rainbow of light rays on the other side. I am by passion and training, an environmental microbiologist, which is the white beam in my analogy. Through the prism of my perspective this beam has created a mystic, artist, poet and healer. And from this prismatic lens, I reveal the shining multidimensional layers within the world of microbes.

I write about microbial communities that keep our planet clean and habitable and our bodies, pure and healthy. And, I write about these trillions of microbes, not only as a scientist but also, as a seeker of connection with our Mother Earth.  I write about these microbes as if they were part of our families, because, in actuality, they are just as much part of our families as the people, plants and animals that share life with us on this planet. I write about how we can whisper to these microbes and how to listen to their voices too. There is a diverse range of microbial types, teeming in our world and in our bodies. They have their unique personalities and incredible capacities to adapt to ever changing environments.


Microbe Spirit Guides

Due to their gifts of survival and adaptation, microbes, as spirit guides, can teach us how to approach our own problems in science and in life. In the past, all of our ancestors relied on signals from nature to guide their choices in their life journeys. They used the stars to navigate and to learn about themselves. They had dialogues with the plants and trees. And, they observed the animals around them, learning from them and being guided by how these animals survived using their unique body types and abilities to eat, ward off predators and survive through the changes in the seasons.

Basically, Microbes are living creatures that are too small for humans to see, without the use of a microscope. And just like larger animals, these microbes have their unique body types, abilities to eat, ways to ward off predators and ingenious survival skills under the harshest conditions.

Like the larger animals, that taught our ancestors back then, and are teaching us now -these microbes have powerful lessons to teach us too. Although our ancestors did not have microscopes, they still sensed the existence of elementals, fairies and nature spirits -so they were aware that tiny somethings were making their spiritual presence known in the forces of nature, and that these tiny things were responsible for keeping gardens fresh and water pure.

As an intuitive microbiologist, I write about how to open up the portals to communication with these microbes, so you can develop relationships with them. By doing this you can receive messages, wise guidance, and some answers to the questions that might be on your mind.


Microbes and Superpowers

When I say microbes most people think about those that cause disease. Of course there is one microbe we are all thinking about today, the virus that causes COVID-19!

However there are trillions of microbes busy on our planet and in our bodies, keeping us clean, and warding off disease or eating toxic waste and recycling the gases in our atmosphere to help grow the plants that keep us nourished. All of these trillions of microbes have superpowers that can help us live better lives – in harmony with nature and with our own bodies.

Just because they are too small to see – does not mean we cannot taste, feel, smell and touch their transformative presence in our lives. There are Microbes shaped like stars, microbes that came on meteorites to earth, Microbes that make bread rise and ferment our food. They  help us to keep our guts balanced and our skin clean. So microbes terraform the earth and us, every day, to create a healthy mind/body and spirit for both us and the planet.

COVID-19 And Finding Balance

During these COVID times, we have been off the road, and out of the sky. We’ve been sparsely using fossil fuels that propel our usual modes of transportation. Our environmental scientists have shown with data what we can smell and see for ourselves. The cleaner air that has resulted, in only a few short weeks. This realization has raised our consciousness of what we can accomplish. This new “pandemic normal” has gifted us with an important realization. We have seen what we can do, as a world community, to prevent our earth from careening towards the inevitable demise of a life-supporting climate.

As an intuitive microbiologist, I am writing a booklet for this Write-a-thon project titled:

“Microbe Whispering in Covid Times.”

This booklet will provide an easy-to-follow understanding of the why, what, where and how of the global, novel corona virus infection, as well as when it might be over. The booklet will teach that by microbe whispering, we can find a balance to protect ourselves, and our physical and community microbiomes. I will provide a means by which, through the empowerment of scientific knowledge, and intuitive communication, we can become more harmonious residents of our planet. In this way, we can all better manage global pandemics like the one we are experiencing now.












My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I plan on completing an entire booklet during this Write-a-thon, according to this outline.

Outline of Booklet for Write-a-Thon:


Working Title:


Microbe Whispering in Covid Times

Dr. JeM YinJoy


1 – What are Microbes?


2 – What are Microbe Spirit Guides?


3 – What is a virus? (science and mystical)


4 – How does the Novel Corona Virus attach to our bodies?


Science and mystical


5 – What sorts of strategies can kill it?


Science and mystical


6 – What sorts of devices can capture and contain it?


Science and sci -fi


7 – Spiritual lessons from this microbial teacher


8 – Where to learn more about the Novel Corona Virus science and medicine.


9 – Meditations to help you purge the virus, and increase immunity.