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excerpt from Meaningful Relationship

Sometimes I see myself as an eclair; other times as a jelly roll.  Some folks give more generic descriptions.  Occasionally I think that I feel the pain that someone else puts out.  A friend of mine, who thinks he should know, says that I am a sympathetic.  Another friend says simply that I take what I don’t want, and reject my desires.

In the corner of my eye I watch a young man staring at me.  His sadly pursed lips indicate he needs companionship.  I am trying to read a huge psychology book by Karen Horney, while ignoring the giggles and flirtations of a group of freshmen.  They are excited about being admitted into the Greeks, and do not yet understand that the quarter ends in three weeks and grades are not averaged by the year.

Turning away, I feel that young man’s stare, but I am not going to look at him.  I know that he has spotted me for a jelly roll.  Perhaps I am a sympathetic;  I can feel him coming over to me.  The same sense tells me that no one ever finds him stimulating, yet I am certain, I can feel, he believes I will find him irresistible.

“Hi, we’ve met before,”  he says.

I do not remember him.

“I really liked you.  If I had had your phone number I would have called you.”

“Why didn’t you look it up?”  I am saying as I look at the clock.  Not much time remains to finish the Horney.

He looks hopeful.  I did not divert my eyes in coyness; I am not coy.

“You see I didn’t get your name when we met before.”

“I am studying.  I don’t know your name either.”  I surprise myself.  At all costs, I try to avoid being rude.


What I Write

I love cross-over fiction. I enjoy reading and writing it. I write poetry, and non-fiction, too, and I have been working on a farm memoir that just keeps growing.


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Oh my land,  no change from last year.  I don’t know where my vita is.  Support the Clarion West Write-a-Thon and I’ll have some new works to add to my now missing vita.

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Each week:

My goal is to get you to donate to this most successful, on-going writers workshop.  If you ask, I will send you my work in progress.  I am writing short stories, and working on a novel.  My goal is 5,000 “finished” words a week.

Fundraising Goals

I like people to sent Clarion West at least $25. If you can afford more, please send more. This is a wonderful program.