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My Progress

I haven’t been updating regularly, but I’ve been writing!  I’ve revised a short story, worked on two longer works, and nearly finished a draft of the story that on Day 1 I thought would be a cyberpunk story, but which turned out to be an off-world colony space story (this is the joy of the “discovery draft” process).  Having lots of fun writing and supporting Clarion West.  It’s been a great joy hearing stories of what this year’s class is experiencing.  Thank you for supporting me!

About Me

Writing Sample

Her father turned his good eye toward her, but said nothing.  She opened her mouth to speak but he held up a hand.  For a moment she expected an apology, but then noticed the tension in his body.  He wasn’t staring apologetically into her soul. He’d heard something in the forest. She cocked her head and listened. Twigs broke, needles and leaves whispered, seed cones crunched.
Suddenly a large tree creaked and branches whistled through the air.  Thaylu ducked, expecting a tree sailing toward them like before, but then there was a crash and thud.

Then came the sounds of the beast.  Hissing susurrations erupting from the woods.  Directionless, echoing reverberating sounds like the whispers of an army or a plague of heavy winged insects fluttering around them. The sussurrix were named after these uncanny sounds; they’d adapted a vocal hiss they could project so you’d be unable to discern from which direction they were stalking you–making you just as likely to run straight into them as away.

“The trap,” she whispered.  “We’ve captured the sussurrix!”

She sprang up and started down the hill toward the commotion.

“Wait!” Matta called out.

She kept running.

Then she heard the scream coming from the snare. She recognized the voice.  She stopped.  Her blood went cold.  No.  It couldn’t be.  “Jehsu?” she screamed.

Then came the response, “Thaylu! I’m snared!”

The susurrations amplified, dizzying her. She ran through the woods toward the sprung trap.  She had to free Jehsu before the sussurrix reached her.  Matta called out behind her, telling her to stop.  The fury that had begun simmering toward her father a few minutes ago reached a boil.  She couldn’t believe his cowardice.  Surely he knew they had to free her.  There was no time to stop.  She drew her swords on the run.

What I Write

Across all genres, I strive to write my way into the minds and hearts of my characters.  I know I’m getting somewhere whenever I discover some deep feeling of my own that I never knew I had.


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Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I will write and revise for one hour per day. I’ve just begun sketching out a new science fiction story that has a cyberpunk bent and explores love and redemption between two estranged brothers, so that’s first on the agenda.

Fundraising Goals

My goal is to raise $200 for Clarion West.