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Christopher Nickolas Carlson

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I’m primarily interested in science fiction, particularly of the throwback whiz-bang variety. My stories tend to feature queer protagonists who face unearthly perils. There’s often the hint of a joke involved. I’m also a poet and incorporate unreality and the fantastic into that as much as I can.


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Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I feel like it’s important to be supportive and productive during the write-a-thon. To that end, I’ll be finishing one story per week, approximately 2000 words each, and one poem per week as well. The goal is to have a full submission packet of poems by the end of the workshop and also to have a few new stories that can be hammered into suitable quality by the end of summer.

Fundraising Goals

I believe every dollar counts when raising money for the arts. There is no donation too small and no consideration too minor. We are all engaged in a mutual enterprise of creating excellent genre fiction, and I am thrilled that so many Clarion West alumni and friends return each year to support this excellent endeavor. I don’t have a specific dollar goal in mind, but if I could double the amount I raised last year, that would feel great.