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They called Missos the month of flowers. It was the first really hot month of the year, and the poppy anemones, clover, and waterclasp coated the slopes of the Erastes Valley with yellow, white, and red blooms — and, incidentally, set at least a quarter of the population of Agatos to fits of sneezing and streaming eyes. It was also the month when, traditionally, the young people of Agatos headed out into the valley for picnics, sports, and a whole lot of frantic, unfulfilling sex.

Things were different for me. For the third night in a row, I was shut in a sweltering, dusty kitchen pantry watching out for ghosts that I was pretty sure didn’t exist.

– Opening of “SHADOW OF A DEAD GOD”, a fantasy mystery novel, out now.

What I Write

I write fantasy and science fiction novels and short stories for children and adults.


For adults:

Shadow of a Dead God (novel)

The Dinosaur Hunters (novella)

A Spy in the Deep (novellas)

Various short stories.

For children:

Secrets of the Dragon Tomb (novel)

The Emperor of Mars (novel)

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I aim to write 12,000 words of my next novel, NECTAR FOR THE GOD, over these six weeks.

Fundraising Goals

Any sponsorship or donations to the Write-a-thon will be gratefully received. If you do sponsor me for any amount, I will send you an ebook of my novel, SHADOW OF A DEAD GOD, or, if you prefer, an ebook of one of my novellas.