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It’s a Christmas story, but you are welcome to download the free short story “Cookie, Cookie” from

What I Write

I write fantasy, science fiction, and science fact. I love doing research. If I were offered immortality, there would have to be an awfully large catch for me to turn it down. How else would I have time to learn EVERYTHING, and to write about it all?



“Knack“, Crossed Genres #20, July 2010
“My Summer Romance”, Rigor Amortis anthology, October 2010. Reprinted by Edge Publishing, October 2011
“Horn”, originally published in Nine, Issue 3, October 2012, now available from Amazon
“Two Kilograms and Counting“, at Every Day Fiction, February 2014

Related Nonfiction

“Packing for a Very Long Trip“, Clarkesworld #46, July 2010
“Building Forests, Remaking Planets“, Clarkesworld #57, June 2011

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’m working on a new novel set in 10th century al-Andalus. I’m having far too much fun futzing with the research aspects, and need to spend more time actually writing the thing. So, my goal: to have a complete outline of at least 5000 words, and to work on the outline for a few minutes every day.

Fundraising Goals

If you donate to me, I will write a 150-word flash story on the topic(s) of your choice and post it on my website with its compatriots at giving you whatever sort of credit you’d like.