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Something weird, unusual, and new to me in some fashion. For instance, the next logical step for a speculative story writer would be historical fiction plays, right?

What I Write

What I Write

A little bit of everything, usually. Lots of speculative fiction, smattering of literary and historical fiction, prose and plays.


“Wavefall.” Writerly Bliss, Fall 2019. Print, digital.

Ruby Caverns of Oz: Book Three of the Ozite Cycle. Writerly Bliss, Spring 2018. Print, digital.

Less Than Charming. Parkhurst Brothers, Inc, Summer 2016. Print, digital.

Zosozo in Oz: Book Two of the Ozite Cycle. Writerly Bliss, Spring 2016. Print, digital.

“Pit Stop.” Night Lights Anthology, Geminid Press, 2015. Print, digital.

Thea of Oz: Book One of the Ozite Cycle. Writerly Bliss, 6 August 2014. Print, digital.

“Glamour Shot.” The Green Lake Collection, The Seattle Play Series, Volume 1, 2014. Print, digital.

“Plasticide.” Dirty Little Bookers, 16 July 2014. Online Journal.

“Dress Me.” Far Off Places, Vol II, Issue II “Sartorial”, June 2014. Online Journal.

“Grimm’s Home for Geriatric Fae People.” Fantasy Scroll Magazine, 30 June 2014. Online Journal.

“Patchwork Flight.” To the Best of our Knowledge on NPR, 3-Minute Futures Contest, 1 April 2014. Radio Program.

Undeliverable. Writerly Bliss, 6 March 2014. Print, digital.

“Word-Stained Glass.” Far Off Places, March 2014. Online Journal.

“Using Second Person POV.” Scribophile Academy, 2 September 2013. Online Journal.

“Rock-a-bye Baby.” Origami Journal, 20 September 2013. Online Journal.

Please see my website for a full listing.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

This year I want to dive into some new stories I’ve got cooking on the back burner, and hopefully finish up my play at the same time!

Fundraising Goals

Whatever people can spare. No pressure this year, as there are a lot of folks struggling and a lot of organizations that need our support right now. It would be great to get at least a couple hundred if people have the ability.

Prizes if you back my horse in the game!

  • $10 – You’ll get emailed the rough and ready Flash Writing Prompt responses all through the Write-a-thon! Who knows, some might even be good!
  • $25 – I will mail you a physical copy of one of my books, your choice out of what I have available here at home!
  • $100 and you’re local – I’ll take you out to drinks and we can talk shop, dogs, or whatever floats your boat…once its safe, of course.
  • $500 – Pick your prize! I’ll even write you a custom short story…

Note: Your contribution goes entirely to Clarion West and is tax deductible!