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About Me

Writing Sample

Some say I’m the best witch hunter of the Second Prohibition. Maybe I am. I bagged and sent 18 bona fides to burn like Edison bulbs in Sing Sing. J. Edgar told my chief that me and my partner Crossan were the best men in the Bureau. I’m at Communion 6:00 AM every goddamn morning. You could ring the church bells by me.


But I’m a fraud, and proof positive that God isn’t Love. God is Irony.


Exhibit A: I’m a woman. Not even Crossan knows.


Exhibit B: I’m a bull dyke.


Exhibit C: My wife is a witch.


– From “Semele’s Daughter” in Broken Time Blues, 2011

What I Write

I’ve written stories about zombie foodies, 1920s witch hunting feds, AR & gamification in near-future religion, octopuses in steampunk-Edo, and alien fungal invasions. I’m currently writing a fungalpunk serial for Broken Eye Books, a series of Lovecraft & Leiber-inspired tales about two women who travel medieval Japan fighting Mythos creatures, and a novella about a Japanese-American soldier fighting in the Pacific in World War Two, confronting racism and ghosts.


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Short Stories:

“Impossibility Crow”, EscapePod
“The Children of Leng”,  Ride the Star Wind
“The Dan no Uchi Horror”,  Swords v Cthulhu
“Forbidden Feast at the Armageddon Cafe”, Rigor Amortis (reprinted in Pseudopod)
“On Love and Decay”, Not Our Kind
“Semele’s Daughter”, Broken Time Blues
“Pick a Card”, What Fates Impose
“Ojiichan’s Funeral”, Sunstone Magazine

Comic Script

“Traitors & Tyrants: A Wives of Erasmus Adventure”, Mormons and Monsters (Collaboration with Galen Dara)

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goal is to submit a 9000 word draft of the first installment in The Dying Empire serial with Broken Eye Books by July 31st. If I write words towards other stories, these will be considered a bonus.

Fundraising Goals

Clarion West needs money to support new writers. I need to stay focused on writing and submitting this story. So here’s the deal: if I don’t complete my goal, I will dye my hair a color chosen by everyone who donated and will wear it that way for at least a week. Your power to select the color will be proportional to donated amount (the one time it’s okay to buy a vote).
I pledge to post updates here weekly, including short excerpts.