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Sib’s face itches beneath his filter mask, but he can’t scratch. He’s clinging with both hands to one of the thick vines that trail up the outside of the skyscraper like veins on a muscled arm. They’re some kind of mutated creeper, grown thick and tenacious. Sib used to fear the vines–when he knew them only as snaking shadows on the far side of translucent windows–but his views changed several moments ago, when he began hugging them for dear life as the wind tried to suck him into whistling, sunrise-pink emptiness. Air, he feels, shouldn’t be like this. It should circulate decorously from vent to vent.

He’s never been outside this long, never been this exposed; he hates it. But he’ll do anything to get Malmo back.

What I Write

I’m an essayist and book critic by trade, but attending Clarion West in 2017 changed my life, and now I aspire, more than anything, to be a fiction writer.


All of my publications so far are literary journalism — essays and reviews. My first two short stories in professional markets are forthcoming soon, however!

Here is a representative sample of my large body of nonfiction writing: an essay about sequels to The Wind in the Willows; an essay about existentialism and video games; a review of Ursula K. Le Guin’s last book; a review of a three-volume biography of Franz Kafka.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goals during the Write-a-thon are to keep pace with this year’s class by writing at least one short story every week, and also to participate in the group writing project of my class, Clarion West 2017 (if we meet our fundraising goals, we, Team Eclipse, will jointly write an SFF story to give exclusively to those who donate!).