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“For Roselle”

“You understand it now, I think,” said the spidery baroness. “This world is a maze from which there is no escape.” She brought her pipe to her lips and struck a match. Puffed the pipe to life. “A maze of horrors. A maze of hate,” she said, “hate.”

She held the still-burning match toward him like an offering, as if to illustrate her point in a way that Prader didn’t quite parse. And she stared hard into his eyes.

Her next words trailed from her lips, blue smoke. “Death is the only prize at its center. Even for the ones like us who were born above the rabble.”

The match flame had nearly reached her fingertips, so Prader wetted his forefinger and thumb, leaned forward, and pinched it out.

She smiled…


“Sarlo Square”

My dear doctor, I find your proffer terribly unimpressive. An industrious person could earn the same payment in a day if they worked from dawn to dusk.

Is a day’s payment, in your mind, equivalent to a reward?

I have heard, from those who know, that in the dark places beyond the public eye, you surround yourself with living machines. Is it true, doctor, that your servants are half-clockworks? Is it true that when your workers die, you replace their insides with ticking, rotting things, and set them back to their labors, whirring and weeping, and begging for death?

Such a man as that–as you–might indeed see no difference between an honest day’s payment and a reward.

But I need more. I need much more. I need my due, doctor, I need to be provided for, for what I can provide.

To proceed, increase your reward for the missing monster one thousand fold.

One thousand fold excites me, doctor.

One thousand fold is thus my due…

What I Write

I am a graduate of the Clarion West workshop (class of 2019) who writes horror, science fiction, fantasy, and whatever exists in the weird spaces where those genres shade into each other.


My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goal for the write-a-thon is to write six new short stories.

Fundraising Goals

Listen, if you sponsor me at any of the following levels, here’s what I’ll do:

$1 – Upon request, I’ll email you one of my write-a-thon stories.

$5 – Upon request, I’ll physically mail you one of my write-a-thon stories.

$25 – Upon request, I’ll name a character after you.

$125 – Upon request, I’ll name a character after you, and I’ll make them a really terrible person.