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My Progress

July 27: edited two chapters, wrote 700 words, uploaded 1 chapter in Selkie, set up 1 link

July 25: uploaded 8 pages to site, created 7 links!

July 24: Wrote 300 words

July 23: Sunday

July 22: Wrote 150 words, restructured directory, resized and added four maps

July 21: Created two graphics, wrote 200 words.

July 20: Sick Day too.  (I tried frowny face emoji but it locked my edit ability so just imagine the frowny face     …here…)

July 19: Sick Day.

July 18: Edited five pages, four linkages, altered subcode in two places.  (sorry guys, once a programmer, always a programmer.  The design software I chose couldn’t quite do what I needed so I had to alter its SML slightly.)

July 17: Edited and loaded 6 pages, Selkie

July 16: Sunday

July 15:  Edited 4 pages, added 5 link & 1 anchor, uploaded 3 pages

July 14:  Added 9 links, uploaded 2 pages

July 13: Wrote 600 words.

July 12: Wrote 300 words.  Edited 1500 words.

July 11:  Wrote 800 words.

July 10: Wrote 400 words.

July 9: Sunday

July 8: Edited TimeStop: Eye of Paal: Whysteria; wrote 700 words.

July 7: Wrote 300 words, added two links, added two graphics, uploaded Janus

July 6: Wrote 700 words, added three links, studied how to include external links.

July 5: Updated Home page; Added a visual guide to star classification; Wrote 500 words.

July 4: Independence Day

July 3: Loaded entire book, Ashes to Ashes (Under Phoenix in sidebar)

July 2: Sunday

July 1:  Altered first half of chapter 1, Eye of Paal: Dolanor

Jun 30:  Created structure to hold new novels. Loaded Eye of Paal: Dolanor up to Chapter 7, still unaltered or or fully linked.

Jun 29:  Loaded Phoenix, added anchors.  Loaded Early Days Paal

Jun 28:  First six chapters for TimeStop: Eye of Paal have been uploaded to the website.  Have begun the linkage process.

About Me

Writing Sample

Missing Omni
by S.R.A. Sackinger#

S. R. Sackinger
P.O. Box 7213
Tacoma, WA 98407-0213
August 1998
Omni Magazine
General Media
1965 Broadway
New York, NY  10023

Dear Sirs,
I am writing to see if you can send me a copy of the August 1998 Omni.  Surely, you say, this is not necessary since they should still be on the stands.  I assure you, I have looked.  They are not at the newsstand, or the libraries, or the homes of my friends who normally get them.
This is not to say that I haven’t seen a copy.  You did print them and they did make it through the mails.  My copy arrived at my door as it always does on the 12th of this month.  I opened it first—as I always do—and read the silver section, the red section and the cartoons.  Then I set it down long enough to read the rest of my mail.  That was the last I saw of it.
You have no idea how unusual that is.   My mail consisted of a letter from my brother’s wife and an add for rug cleaning with a picture of a lost little girl on the back.  I read the letter, looked at the little girl,  then reached for your magazine.  It wasn’t on the coffee table and I distinctly remember leaving it there.  I live alone, so no one else could have picked it up.   To be on the safe side, I did search my house.  It’s small, but I have a lot of books and plants so that it took me quite a while.  I even took the plants off the window seat and looked in there.   Well, yes, I was getting a little silly there, but it makes my point.  That magazine was not in the house.
Finally resigning myself to the notion that I had hallucinated the red and silver section,  I called my friend to see if she had gotten her issue.  She had, and had read the thing cover to cover and then mislaid it somewhere.  My brother-in-law, who I called next, hadn’t even seen it.  His wife (my sister) had not the slightest notion as to whether it had come.  She is mundane but willing to look the other way when he reads that “sci-fi trash”.  I’m not sure, but I think she considers fiction “lying”.
Then I called my father.  He got through the first two articles, but lost the magazine when he got off the pot and washed his hands. The guy at the local store lost his copy just after he took the little white address label off, and the store was fresh out of new copies.  The big science fiction book and magazine store in town had had a stack that comes up to my hips.  They were sold out by the time I arrived.  The librarian explained it as normal attrition when the main library and all of it’s branches were missing just the Omni copy.
I am often this hard to convince.  My world is a mundane world.  Science Fiction is what I read, not what I live.  I write to you today to seek your help in convincing me that what I suspect—fear?—is not true.  Are you able to send me an August issue of your magazine?
I breathlessly await your reply.



What I Write

I’m currently in the middle of writing five interconnected novels.  They each deal with one section of the history of a sentient planet.  The links give readers insight into what is actually happening in a scene or switch the point of view to a different character in the scene.  The reader can choose to continue reading as the new character, or go back to the old one.  They can even keep reading about the event in history that was insight for the original scene!



Quantum Universe (1980) out of print

Saint Leo Cooks (Editor 1986) out of print

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goal is to load TimeStop, my web book, to its site.

See above for info about the links and where to go to read the web book so far.

Fundraising Goals

The person donating the most will receive the rights to name the real name of the world’s greatest magic user.  It will appear in a  story connected to the web book that tells why she needed to change her name.