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  • Week one – just learning my way around, and feeling starstruck seeing talks by so many authors I admire.
  • Week two – used Rashida’s “Goldilocks” sprint to work on Andy’s prompt, and got close to 1000 word essay that I hope to develop. Tegan’s sprint aboutĀ  the “least-compelling part of your world? Who is bored? Unfulfilled?” generated an interesting 600 words from a different POV.
  • Week three – Revised a two-year-in-process 2000-word essay a final time and submitted to my (off-line) critique group. I hope they’ll agree it’s ready to submit.
  • Week four – used Rashida’s “Goldilocks” sprint to generate an idea for Nalo’s prompt, and revised another older essay that I hope to submit soon.
  • Week five – used Rashida’s “Goldilocks” sprint to rework my 600-word “Impossible Recipe” fromĀ Nalo’s prompt (also like what I started from Rashida’s prompt and I’ll keep working on that).
  • Week six – Oh no, there are so many new ideas floating around my brain, how can I finish?

What I Write

What I Write

Mostly short/flash pieces: prose poetry, memoir(ish) and personal essays.

Working slowly on a YA historical novel and an SF tale.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals
  • I will revise a story or chapter a week, and/or write 1,000 words that week
  • I will submit three stories to professional markets
Fundraising Goals

Get Tuckerized! My SF takes place on a colony ship. Personal names naturally get recycled over generations and so everyone on this ship is named after a popular SF character or author. If you sponsor me for $18, you too can be immortalized along with all my other favorites.