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Writing Sample

“Halt!” I yelled. “Who goes there? Are you a henchman of the terrible demon Mahishasura?”
“N-no,” said Ashraf, looking all around for the voice. “Who are you?”
“I am Chamundi the terrible!”
Ashraf finally looked up and found me. “Oh, it’s you, Soujanya. Can I be on the good side?”
It turned out that, just like me, he did not like to sleep in the afternoons. After weeks of wheedling, he had finally been allowed to go out and play.
I was glad of the company. These were enchanted hours, when the sun burned the dust under our feet, when the trees themselves looked thirsty and even the flies looked for shade. It always seemed such a shame that everyone else chose to sleep them away.

What I Write

Fantasy and science fiction with an Indian bent.


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Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

One thousand words per weekday.

Fundraising Goals

$any: I will send you an exclusive e-book of one of my non-cringe-inducing older works, an origin story that sets up a series of adventures for Sachi in Bhooloka (land of the mortals), after she gets entirely fed up of Indra and his–er–doings. To be delivered two weeks after write-a-thon ends. Caveat emptor: the series of adventures never got written, this is just the origin story.