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I’m still working on the same novel lolsob. I do think I have an outline that makes sense, so my goal is to finish this final draft for the WAT. Aggressive, but I might be able to reuse a lot from Draft 2.5.

Update: Got about 50k words on the novel, about half of them new. Hopefully I can finish the whole in the next 4-6 weeks.


If you followed me last year, you’ll know I was working on the first draft of a novel. Well, I finished that bitch in September! I then worked on some short stories, and have spent the year so far outlining the revised version of my novel. Major lesson: if you throw a whole bunch of cool shit into your story, you will spend the better part of a year constructing a context in which they all make sense.


Mon, 6/18: 1,136 words

Tue, 6/19: 956 words

Wed, 6/20: 1,021 words

Thur, 6/21: 1,078 words

Fri, 6/22: 988 words

Mon, 6/25: 993 words

Tue, 6/26: 699 words

Wed, 6/27: 1,373 words

Thur, 6/28: 0 words. World simply got the better of me. Upping daily target to 1,100 words until caught up.

Fri, 6/29: 736 words. Daily target stays at 1,100, but it’ll now take me until July 18 to get caught up.

Mon, July 2: ~1000 words. Only updating a week later, don’t remember exact count.

Mon, July 9: 1,439 words. After being stuck on a plot point for simply ever, I’ve finally made decisions and am writing ahead.

Tue, July 10: 1,280 words. Upping my daily targets to 1350 words.

Wed, July 11-Fri, July 13: 3,987 words. Combining the three days because I imported a bunch of stuff from an earlier draft, polished it and added words where they were needed.

What I Write

Writing Sample

It was a long and difficult road Kwa had to walk, but the conch-shell was there at every step.

Creep past the giant sleeping spider, or fight it for its magical sword? It will be perilous, but not fatal. He chose to fight, breaking a couple of ribs, but gaining the sword.

A wizard lives here. Convince him to give you some spells, or not? It will be difficult, but not impossible. He chose to barter with the wizard, leaving with spells of fire and wind and earth and water, and minus his fondest childhood memories.

Here is the dragon’s lair. Use the wizard’s spells to close the mouth of its cave, or challenge it to a fight? Closing the cave meant no treasure, so Kwa chose the deadly battle. He was burned and torn and broken, but he slew the dragon.

Using the last of the wizard’s spells to transport the dragon’s vast hoard, he went back to Peacetown. Having had seven years of adventure, Kwa eagerly anticipated a warm home, a loving wife, charming children.

When he set foot in Peacetown, the mayor stood ready to greet him with a welcome troupe. There was great pomp and celebration, for the conch-shell had sung of Kwa’s exploits to every citizen. But nowhere in the crowds was the one face Kwa was looking for.

To cap off the celebrations, the mayor had arranged a thanks-giving ritual for the conch-shell at its temple. The shell would be decorated, hymns would be sung in its praise, and a tender coconut sacrificed to it. At the temple, the mayor called to his wife; she came followed by her two children—and the sight of her drove a sharp pain through Kwa’s heart, for she was none other than his beloved, who had not, in fact, waited for him.

What I Write

Fantasy and science fiction with an Indian bent.



My Write-a-thon Goals

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15K words a week.

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If you would like to sponsor me, please do so through Team Eclipse, the joint effort by my class, Clarion West 2017.