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Matthew lifted his foot off the gas pedal, inching the car forward. The reentry point was only a few hundred feet away, but at this pace it would take upwards of an hour. Past the border it was just another five hours until he would be home and asleep in his own bed.
But for now, Matthew was an uncomfortable combination of tired and restless. His car’s self-driving functionality would be disabled until he crossed the border, so he couldn’t take a nap or disappear into a vid. He was also out of signal range, and sick of every song saved locally. So he waited in silence, crawling forward, just a few dozen cars to go.
Your connection has been restored, his car spoke to him, white text flashing on the windshield to accompany it. Please verify your identity.
Matthew hesitated….

What I Write

I write sci-fi and fantasy. Mostly sci-fi, mostly short stories.

I use writing as a way to understand and gather my own thoughts around the social issues of our day such as healthcare, immigration, climate change, civil rights, and income inequality.


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Writing Goals

Finish The Last Park Ranger, a 20,000 word sci-fi novella