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My Progress

July 28, 2018

Some health issues got in the way of the progress I hoped to make, but I did a lot of brainstorming and freewriting. Going to continue to pursue the ideas I have developed. I also polished and submitted some stories I had been working on. I currently have two stories out to editors and have another three I hope to get out soon. Thanks to everyone who supported writers during the Write-a-thon.

About Me

Writing Sample

From “Red Card” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – Feb 2007

Late one April evening, Linda Jackson pulled a revolver from her purse and shot her husband through a large mustard stain in the center of his T-shirt.  The official after incident survey concluded that almost all of Merry Valley approved of the shooting.  Sixty-four percent of the townspeople even rated her target selection as “excellent.”  A few, however, criticized her, pointing out that shooting your husband is “a little too obvious” and “not very creative.”


Dick Andrews, who had farmed the fertile soil around Merry Valley for over thirty years, believed that Larry Jackson, more than anyone else in town, needed to be killed.  “I never liked him much,” he wrote in the additional comments section of the incident survey.  “He never seemed to have a good word to say about anybody.”


“Excellent use of a bullet,” scrawled Jimmy Blanchard.  Born and raised in Merry Valley, he had known Larry for years and had even graduated from high school with him.  “Most overbearing person I’ve ever met.  He deserved what he got.  I’m just not sure why it took so long.”


Of course, a few people made waves.  Jenny Collins seemed appalled.  “I can hardly believe it,” she wrote.  “We used to be much more discerning about who we killed, and we certainly didn’t go around flaunting it the way Linda does.”  Jenny was the old-fashioned kind.

What I Write

I write science fiction and fantasy about common people in uncommon situations. My stories have appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Lightspeed Magazine, The Dark Magazine, and many other publications. My short story “Mr. Hill’s Death” appeared in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: 2015.


“Red Card” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – February 2007

“Who Brought Tulips to the Moon” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – December 2007

“Rebecca’s Locket” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – May 2008

“Andreanna” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – April/May 2009

“Terra Exulta” in Federations – Prime Books

“The Old Terrologist’s Tale” in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – May/June 2011

“Alarms” in Lightspeed Magazine – March 2012

“Pirates” in Rose Red Review – Spring 2013

“Those Tests” in Swamp Biscuits and Tea – August 2013

“Running Late” in 365 Tomorrows – March 7, 2014

“Mr. Hill’s Death” in The Dark Magazine – May 2014

“Every Sunday Morning” in Black Denim Lit – Feb 2015

“Colonel Calahan” in Betwixt Magazine – March 2015

“Airships and Sidekicks” in The Steam Chronicles – 2015

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My goal is to write 1500 words a day and get a couple of new stories underway. If I get some good ideas going, that 1500 words may turn into an hour of revising and polishing work I have written in previous days.

Fundraising Goals

My goal is spread the awareness of what Clarion West is and what it does. By doing this I hope to encourage my friends and family to support this wonderful cause.