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What I Write

What I Write

I’m writing a grotesquely long but grimly fun fantasy novel about a dying suburb on the outskirts of a Fantastical world of Giants.

I’m a crossover artist — literary fiction, essays, and plays. I blog.

My speculative short work is low-tech robot stories, lesbian and body dysmorphia time travel (is there any other kind?), and environmental horror.

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Finish my novel. Am I kidding? Am I not?

Or, I will have 6 short story germs with which to populate the world.


Fundraising Goals

Goal: $75. 🙂


For $25+ – You can write a DEAR GALUMPH Letter and get a letter back!

You will have the life-changing opportunity to write about a life or romantic problem of yours and to receive a brief advice column back from either one of my novel characters or my Internet famous alter ego, The Galumph. (Famous for having given advice constantly throughout Ramadan 2018 via my Ramadan Blog. . .

Disclaimer: I will choose the person or the thing that writes you back based on my psychological issues at the time of reading your letter. None of my characters or beings are licensed therapists. They aren’t necessarily good at living their own lives or existences. Their advice, however, is neither cheap nor free, and therefore may illusively be called of value in our capitalist society. Since a Galumph Letter cannot be easily obtained, I cap this offer out at 3 for the time being.