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Curtis C. Chen


My Progress

23 Jul 2017: I’m currently at 40% of my fundraising goal and 55% of my wordcount goal.

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About Me

Writing Sample

Read the first chapter of Kangaroo Too!

What I Write

Mostly science fiction and fantasy. MOSTLY.


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WAYPOINT KANGAROO (2017 Endeavour Award Finalist, 2017 Locus Awards Finalist)

Selected short fiction online:

“Like a Ghost I’m Gonna Haunt You” (Daily Science Fiction, 2016)
“It’s Machine Code” (The Journal of Unlikely Cryptography, 2015)
“Zugzwang” (Daily Science Fiction, 2014)

Complete bibliography at:

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My current small project is a rewrite of a short story (my Clarion West week two story, actually).

My current big project is writing a new, standalone novel (not in the Kangaroo-verse; sorry, kids).

Fundraising Goals

Let’s see if we can do $450. And what do you get for your sponsorship?

$1 or more: weekly email updates on my writing progress.
$10 or more: a custom LOLcat picture (featuring Jasper or Tye).
$50 or more: an original haiku about a Star Trek show of your choice (one episode from any series, or any movie including Galaxy Quest), published on Twitter (will @ you in tweet if desired).
$100 or more: a not-so-mysterious package (US/Canada shipping only) with a set of signed Kangaroo-verse travel postcards (Mars and Luna), an audio CD of my choice, and an assortment of stickers.