Matanda Mondoa (DJ MK)

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Matanda Mondoa (DJ MK)

About Me

What I Write

I write sci-fi and fantasy stories. I’m inspired by film, video games, anime, Star Trek and Star Wars, martial arts, and the super sentai genre. The last inspiration is the basis of my Write-A-Thon work.


Twitter Handle




Mahou Kunoichi (radio show & blog since 2013)

member of ACX since May 2016



University of Delaware Student Multimedia Design Center blog

University of Delaware Caesura

Voice Acting

Amaskan’s Blood (Book I of Boahim Trilogy) by Raven Oak [upcoming]

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

write the first draft of my untitled American super sentai story. Hope to hit around 20-30K by the end of the ‘Thon.

Fundraising Goals

Clarion West is a good cause. Any amount is fine with me!