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For a solid year I was riding high, getting my fix, partying all night and sleeping all day–just like Phinneas, cool and white as snow, who had mortals of all genders falling over themselves to be tasted; who had been twenty-something for centuries. I thought we’d surf that ruby-red high forever, me and him and the other Cool Kids, and I’d never have to suffer my own reflection again. But I woke up one night with an awful taste in my mouth, and when I brushed my teeth, there I was again in the silvered glass above the sink: hazy, translucent, but undeniably there. I almost screamed.
“When’s the last time you drank, Jason?” Phinneas muttered, stretching awake.
“If I don’t get blood I turn human again?” I sounded like a noob, but I was panicking. I could feel my skin rising above room temperature like a fever.

Continued at: http://dailysciencefiction.com/fantasy/Monsters/elly-bangs/the-cool-kids

What I Write

I have sworn my life to the production of emotionally charged and adventurey science fiction, fantasy, and spec fic novels and short works — mostly dystopian stories about love, heartbreak, and the grim future of all humankind. Also stories about magic clothes, evil godlike soda pop, and cute little sentient blobs of water.

For me the Clarion West writer’s workshop was a grand creative awakening, an invaluable education, and a transcendent six weeks of writerly kinship. I can’t be hyperbolic about what it meant to me to be able to attend — and I would never have had that chance without the support of donors like you.


Out now:

“This Must Be The Place” in Strange Horizons
“The Cool Kids” in Daily Science Fiction
“From an Interview with the Famed Roller Sara Zephyr Cain” in Bikes In Space Volume 2


“The Wordless Age” in Galaxy’s Edge
“Apotheosis” in The Working Zealot’s Guide to Gaining Capital in Pre-Apocalyptic America
“At the Crossroads” in Bikes In Space Volume 5
“Everything I Needed to Know About Being Trans I Learned on the Panamerican Highway” in Taking The Lane #15

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

I’m aiming to write 3,500 words per week! For the last three weeks, I will also be riding my bicycle 800 miles from Astoria, OR to Oakland, CA! I’ll be writing by the sides of highways, in the woods of Bigfoot Country, and on rocky bluffs by the sea.

This ride is very much in honor of Clarion West. When I attended last year, and my bicycle was stolen in the middle of the workshop, many folks came together to very generously chip in for a replacement. Every mile these wheels carry me reminds me of my gratitude to the Clarion West community and my desire to repay its kindness.

Fundraising Goals

I’ve never done this before and have no idea what my goal should be!

Donor Rewards:

$5 – I will write and email or tweet you a haiku from the road

$10 – I will send you a postcard, either from the road or of my own design

$20 – You will get a sneak peak at some of my new work! How vague yet tantalizing!

$50 – Upon request I will name a minor character after you, and share the work with you before [attempted or successful] publication! (limit 10 — and please let me know if you’re strongly averse to that character being evil, a jerk, a fool, etc.)

>$100 – For you I will hand-bind a hardback collection of my short stories (limit 5 — please allow a month or two after the end of the write-a-thon to complete)