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The consensus — including the bureau Paul worked for — was that the narrative of the universe was centered around a single person: someone who could be found, studied, and whose knowledge would help everyone understand existence. That was the hopeful approach.

Many believed that the protagonist was probably isolated, never to be found. Some thought the story had multiple points of view — hundreds, maybe —, intertwined together in exciting ways only for the readers, while being absolutely ordinary to the characters. But all of those still thought the story was likely exciting, new and interesting. The nihilists believed the story was probably just bad.

What I Write

I write speculative fiction, mostly hard-ish sci-fi and urban fantasy. I like exploring new genres and ideas constantly (as I’m writing this I’m finishing the second draft of a YA romance story, pretty different from everything I’ve written so far).

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Writing at least 1500 words in English every week! (“in English” is important because it’s not my first language)