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What I Write

What I Write

I write science fiction and fantasy, with a lean towards fantasy, especially contemporary fantasy. Lately I’ve been writing poetry, but attempting to write “science fiction poetry,” which I think is much harder than it sounds. (What makes a poem a “science fiction poem”?)  But oh, do I wish I could start on that alternate history novel set in the Bronze Age! With Sodom! And Gomorrah! And Lot!!


“Sparking the Matter” – Asimov’s
“The Smile of La Flaca” – The People’s Apocalypse
“My Way is the Way of the Pony” – Bronies: For the Love of Ponies
“How Technology Threatened My Manhood” –
“Delilah of Damnus IV” – The Gloaming
“arriving at form : : 3:15 am” –

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

For 2019, I need to keep it simple as I have a lot on my plate. BUT: I would like to finish a solarpunk story I’ve been working on, an asteroid novella that’s nearly finished, and make some editing progress on my space opera asteroid story. Yes, two asteroid stories! I have a thing for rocks in space.

Fundraising Goals

I would like to raise $500 or more this year.