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Writing Sample

Detective Musgrove was starting to shed furiously—the flakes on his shoulder now had a bit of a reddish tinge and he had raw wounds on his scalp and in and behind his ears.
“I wish to speak to my lawyer.”
“We can most certainly do that.” Auntie Jimenz said smoothly. “Just answer a few questions and we’ll get him on the phone for you.”
“You can ask, but I don’t have answers for you.”
“On February 15th, you and James-“
“On February 15,” she continued, “you and the suspect went on a trip to Georgia. Where are the weapons that you purchased on that trip?”
“How do you know that we went on a trip to Georgia?
“Geo-tagging on your phone, of course.”
“We did not purchase any weapons on that trip.”
“Did you purchase weapons on a different trip?
“No.” Scitch-Scratch I looked up sharply. Light shone in a patch on Auntie Jimenez’s scalp. ”Do you realize that whatever nasty fungus this guy’s got you got too?” She smiled. Absentmindedly scratched the shiny patch on her scalp and said, “It’s just something going around Sadie. Let’s get back to our questions.”

Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Writing sessions every day.
Completely outline “Invisible Hand” project and get a good draft of first three chapters.
Write, polish and send out one short story for publishing.
Begin world building/research for “Genealogy” project.

Fundraising Goals

Clarion West as both an experience and a community was the support I needed to fully realize my passion and I would like that future writers be given the same opportunity.  So whatever you can share will be appreciated.  I will be donating a minimum of $50, and there is a lovely jar on my desk for missed writing sessions and excessive swearing that will add to that amount.  I will be doing several short story “challenges” over the weekends and sponsors will receive signed drafts of the results.  The first will be this weekend.  I will also post my progress weekly on my Clarion West profile page.