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What I Write

There are always animals in my fractal trees.


Tree with Chalicotheres, at Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores
(This story was on the Tangents Online Recommended Reading List for 2017)

“Carpe Chelonian,” Three-Lobed Burning Eye

“Whale Woman Watches,” at Three-Lobed Burning Eye


My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

Finish a draft of a new short story, working title: Caverns Measureless. This story is a part of a novel that I set aside some years back, and is really a return to it. I’m  breaking my return into small pieces, lest I get overwhelmed. This coming week, I’m participating in a virtual writing workshop, Kij Johnson’s Repeat Offenders, in hopes of getting the words down.

Fundraising Goals

I’ll send all of my donors a vintage or otherwise interesting postcard of thanks. If I get over 25 donors, I’ll design an original postcard, have it professionally printed, and send.