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From my novel that I am currently querying:

Coming to these woods was a mistake. Somewhere behind the matte greens and frost-tipped browns, a threat lurked unaware of her but not for long. If she just reached out to the forest for help—but no, that would expose her location to her people, the dryads that looked to take her home. Kata Sycamore was trapped.

She was being silly, of course—putting her life in danger just to avoid the dull responsibilities of caring for ents. She had to go home, and that was it. Her years of spying on humankind had been exciting but fleeting. Her will to run flagged, drawing her back towards her dryadic pursuers. What would she say to them? Her fellow dryads would never understand her, dreading humans as they did. No, she avoided them for a reason and she couldn’t give up yet.

What I Write

I write primarily fantasy, mostly alternate worlds like in epic fantasy. I like to write about women overcoming obstacles in their life, whether gender based or just personal. That was a big part of my finished novel for which I’m looking for an agent. Uniquely for me, my in progress novel has a male POV with a strong female co-star to look at her journey from outside her head.


Only started submitting things this spring and they’re still in queue. *crossing fingers!*

My Write-a-thon Goals

Writing Goals

My weekly goal for new work is 2K words per day, but I reserve Mondays for querying and researching time as needed, so 8K words per week. If I finish and switch to editing before the end, then my goal will be to edit 4K words per day, 4 days a week for 16K words edited. Mix and match as necessary. If i did my math right, I should be finishing my in progress novel around the end of this event.

Fundraising Goals

I have no idea what I’m doing here!!! I’ve always felt really bad asking people for money, so I don’t really have any goals other than write a blog post for my website, to my subscribers, and post it on LinkedIn. I’d be happy to offer anyone who donates the opportunity to read what I wrote and give feedback.