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Oh, to write a page a day! I’ll settle for 500 words. Maybe 3,000 good words a week. Ultimately, draft 2 of my novel would be great. The revision (read: rewrite) is already underway, so I’m optimistic. If blocked, I’ll work on a short story or a vignette that might (or might not) end up in Nola’s story.

The story: Nola Grant thought she was a clumsy narcoleptic. She would go to bed comfy and cozy and wake up with bruises all over her body. Maybe a sleepwalker. Maybe Fight Club is a real thing. But Nola was wrong. Because Nola Grant is a time traveler. She just doesn’t know it yet.

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Clarion West offers a home to so many amazing writers, with a little extra love for diverse voices in speculative fiction. Appreciate anything you can give!