Workshop application

Applications for the 2019 Clarion West Six-Week Summer Writers Workshop are now open.

Clarion West charges a nonrefundable application fee of US$35 for applications submitted by February 10, 2019, and $60 for applications after February 10. The fee is payable via PayPal. For insurance reasons, you must be 21 or older to take the workshop.

If you have any questions about the application process or if you encounter trouble submitting your application, you can contact us at (Note for applicants in Singapore: please contact us about alternate methods of payment.)

2019 summer workshop application

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First, please tell us a little about yourself

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Upload a 700- to 800-word description of your background and your reasons for attending the workshop. 

PDF, DOC, DOCX, or RTF files only. Please do not upload ODF files.
Writing samples
Upload one or more writing samples, consisting of a total of 20 to 30 pages of manuscript (one or two short stories, or a novel excerpt with a synopsis of up to three pages). Your manuscript should be printed in 12-point Courier (typewriter) font and double-spaced. It should not exceed the page limit, even if it includes a synopsis, and all samples should be in one file. Set your margins flush left and do not justify the text.

PDF, DOC, DOCX, or RTF files only. Please do not upload ODF files.

Please enter the title and page length. If your file includes more than one story, list all (example: short story (10 pages), novel excerpt (17 pages), synopsis (3 pages).

Applying for scholarship aid
General information
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Monthly Income
If your monthly income is variable (e.g., from freelance writing assignments), fill in your monthly income range below.
Monthly Expenses
Note: if you share any of these, please indicate the portion for which you are responsible (e.g., if you pay half of the $1000 rent for a shared apartment, you should report $500 for "mortgage/rent")
Your Workshop Expenses

Tuition/House/Partial Board*                     4200

*This includes continental breakfast, some lunch fixings, and dinners four nights per week.
Additional scholarship application information
By submitting this scholarship application, you are granting Clarion West permission to provide your application materials (your name, location, essay, and story or stories) to the individual donor(s) of any scholarship you may receive to attend the workshop. We will not forward any financial information without your express permission. More information
Please check your data for completeness and accuracy, then submit your application.