Hannu Rajaniemi, April 2

Technology and Magic as Characters

Hannu RajaniemiWhat is the role that technology (and magic, or technology sufficiently advanced to be indistinguishable from magic) plays in fiction? How can you use it to enhance the themes and conflicts of the story and not merely as window dressing? Can technology be a character and not just a prop?

In this workshop, you’ll examine examples of fictional technology, come up with your own, and experiment with telling stories that would not be possible without it. You’ll learn when technology is an essential element of telling a story, how to make futuristic technology feel real, and how much detail you need to include for believability.

Hannu Rajaniemi is the author of the novels The Quantum ThiefThe Fractal Prince, and The Causal Angel. He holds a Ph.D. in string theory from the University of Edinburgh and is a co-founder of Helix Nanotechnologies, a biotech startup. Originally from Finland, he now divides his time between the Bay Area and Europe.