Our deepest and most harrowing experiences have the potential to shape and inform our artistic work. But how do we take the raw material of trauma and turn it into art? This class will go over practical and philosophical methods to perform the alchemy of turning pain into beauty. 

This class is for intermediate or advanced writers who have a sense of themselves and are ready to level up in writing tough stuff. It’s not necessary to bring your own trauma; we will also go over incorporating experiences you don’t share, with authenticity and sensitivity. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between shock value and stark work, if you’re struggling with the step between processing openly and covert mining of your own dark gems, this is the class. 

NOTES: This class will likely involve some discussion of SA and other triggers. This will be handled sensitively, but cannot be avoided. 

This workshop is available to anyone aged 18 or older for a $55 fee.

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