Clarion West will host a pair of Google Hangouts On Air this summer during the Write-a-thon. If you would like to participate, please see the information below, and RSVP to Space in the Hangouts is limited to 10 participants, so it’s important that we know who wants to attend.

Our two Hangouts this summer will be:

  • July 6, 11 AM PDT: round robin reading
  • July 20, 11 AM PDT: round robin reading featuring Randy Henderson, winner of this year’s Writers of the Future grand prize and author of the upcoming book Finn Fancy Necromancy Pants

To participate in the Hangout, you will need:

If you want to just watch the Hangout, it will be broadcast on our Google+ page.

If you’re participating, we request that you be online and available about 15 minutes prior to the Hangout starting. We’ll go over some administrative stuff, deal with any technical issues, and be ready to go right on time.

To participate in the Hangout, all you need to do is be online with either your Google+ page or your Hangouts app running.  When the leader of the Hangout invites you in, you’ll see a notification. Just click on the notification, click the check box to agree that you understand that the Hangout will be broadcast to viewers, and click Agree.  You’ll be in the Hangout in no time at all.

There is a good video on the process of joining a Hangout here:

While the Hangout is happening:

  • Please mute yourself if you’re not talking—this cuts down on background noise that makes it difficult for people to hear.
  • Make sure you have the chat window open (the button for that will be on the left side of the Hangouts screen).  Everyone is encouraged to chat during the Hangout.

We’re looking forward to this summer, and hope everyone has an incredible Write-a-thon!