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Clarion West has tools and tips to help you with the Write-a-thon:

Share your Write-a-thon pride! Download social media badges for your Twitter and Facebook profiles from the links below.

You can also include your sponsors in the fun! Download the Facebook cover image for donors and share it with them.

Schedule of Write-a-thon events (all times Pacific Daylight Time)

Wednesday, June 26, 6–8pm
Wednesday, July 3, 6–8pm
Wednesday, July 10, 6–8pm
Wednesday, July 17, 6–8pm
Wednesday, July 24, 6–8pm
Wednesday, July 31 6–8pm

Location: The Dreaming Comics & Games
5226 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

What’s a writing sprint?

Just what it sounds like–hit the ground and get some words down! We’ll be holding sprints two times most weeks, coordinated through Twitter and Slack, on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings Pacific time. Writing sprints are a great way to write alongside your Write-a-thon compatriots. The sprints are optional, but we encourage everyone to try one or two if they can.

We have a Slack for people to gather and have conversations during the sprints. While people are always welcome to use the Slack to discuss and share their writing, during writing sprints there will always be at least one person on the #writeathon channel who will cheer you on.

If you’re in the Write-a-thon, you’ve been emailed an invitation link to join Slack. When you join our Slack, you’ll be automatically joined to the #writeathon channel.

If you have questions about using Slack, see Slack’s help page or email communications@clarionwest.org.

What’s a Write-a-thon meetup?

Write-a-thon meetups are informal gatherings at a Seattle coffee shop where you can meet your fellow Write-a-thon participants and get some writing done. Every meetup will have a leader who’s knowledgeable about the Write-a-thon, so if you have questions, this is a great time to have them answered.

Need some butt in chair time? Need to commiserate about how your writing is or isn’t going? There will be other writers there to talk to!

Meetup time: 6–8pm, Wednesdays
Location: The Dreaming Comics & Games
5226 University Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105