Sample Write-a-Thon goals

Pick a writing goal, something that will challenge and motivate you, and tailor it to your time and energy.

Sample goals for you to start with:

  • I will write for 15 minutes a day
  • I will write 250 words a day
  • I will write 8,000 words a week (we call that a “Swanwick”)
  • I will complete a story, novella, or trilogy
  • I will submit three stories to professional markets
  • I will revise a story or chapter a week
  • I will write five complete poems
  • I will finish my screenplay
  • I will complete 3 poems
  • I will finish the story, novel, screenplay, or epic trilogy that’s been sitting around for a while

These suggestions are just a starting point to help get you thinking about what might work for you. Your writing and your life are unique, and so are your goals!

With a personalized Write-a-thon page and a special PayPal link, we make it easy to ask for support and donations for Clarion West from friends and family.

Need ideas for putting together your Write-a-thon page? We’ve got some quick tips here.