Many of our Write-a-thon participants offer fantastic rewards to their sponsors–from postcard fiction to cat Tuckerizations! It’s a treat every year to see what writers offer as incentives. You can learn about all the amazing offerings from Clarion West writers by browsing through their profiles here – or to find special offers, keep reading!

Tuckerization Offers (a Tuckerization is the act of using a person’s name – and sometimes other characteristics – in an original story as an in-joke.)
Get yourself (or the name of someone you know) written into a science fiction story! Be killed off in space! Become a talking cat! Take a look at the following pages to learn about the best Tuckerization offer for you or as a gift for someone in your life. Glance through the following profiles to find their offers:

Luke Tolvaj will immortalize you as a minor character for $50.

Marilyn Holt will Tuckerize you in a second book for $100.

Chris Willrich will Tuckerize your cat for any amount!

Alyc Helms will Tuckerize you (or a person of your choosing, with their consent) in one of their ballet-inspired stories for $25 or more.

Brenta Belvins will Tuckerize you (or YOUR PET) into a manuscript for $25 or more.

Georgina Kamsika will name a minor character for you into her novel for $50 or more.

Gordon B. White is happy to name characters after you, but you have to understand that they are likely to meet bad ends.

Get a post card from your writer – with unique stories, messages, and poems! 

Iori Kusano will send you a thank-you postcard mailed to wheverever-you-are from her home in Tokyo for $15 or more.

Get Something Unique! Some of our very creative writers will be sending stories, poems, and other things to their sponsors – don’t miss out!

Iori Kusano will do a Tarot reading for you with the Arcane Bullshit Tarot for $30 or more. Note that Iori takes no responsibility for any actions you may take as a result of this reading.

Story Critiques
If you’re participating in the Write-a-thon (or even if you’re not!) and would like a story critique by an experienced writer, you may want to sponsor one of these Write-a-thon participants:


Matching Challenges
From time to time, a generous participant or donor will offer a challenge to help move the fundraising forward to support Clarion West.