Many of our Write-a-thon participants offer fantastic rewards to their sponsors–from postcard fiction to five-minute cosplays, it’s a treat every year to see what writers offer as incentives. You can learn about all the amazing offerings from Clarion West writers by browsing through their profiles here – or to find special offers, keep reading!

Tuckerization Offers (a Tuckerization is the act of using a person’s name – and sometimes other characteristics – in an original story as an in-joke.)
Get yourself (or the name of someone you know) written into a science fiction story! Be killed off in space! Become a talking cat! Take a look at the following pages to learn about the best Tuckerization offer for you or as a gift for someone in your life. Glance through the following profiles to find their offers:

Lucas Johnson
James G. Harper
Brenta Blevins
Julie McGalliard
Gordon B. White
Luke Tolvaj
Bryan Camp
Marilyn Holt
Georgina Kamsika
Emma Torzs
Alyc Helms
Elly Bangs
Randy Henderson
Izzy Wasserstein

Get a post card from your writer – with unique stories, messages, and poems! 
A. T. Greenblatt
Yang-Yang Wang
Bryan Camp
Emma Torzs
Iori Kusano
Elly Bangs
Dominica Phetteplace
Jude-Marie Green
Emily C. Skaftun

Get Something Unique! Some of our very creative writers will be sending stories, poems, and other things to their sponsors – don’t miss out!

Shweta Adhyam
Alexandra Manglis
Lora Gray
Yang-Yang Wang
Team Eclipse
amy eastment
Carlie St. George
Julie McGalliard
K.G. Anderson
Elizabeth Bartmess
Alex S. French
Vicki Saunders
Emma Torzs
Blythe Woolston
Iori Kusano
Elly Bangs
Arinn Dembo
Dominica Phetteplace
Izzy Wasserstein
Huw Evans

Story Critiques
If you’re participating in the Write-a-thon (or even if you’re not!) and would like a story critique by an experienced writer, you may want to sponsor one of these Write-a-thon participants:

Mimi Mondal
Bryan Camp
Curtis C. Chen

Matching Challenges
From time to time, a generous participant or donor will offer a challenge to help move the fundraising forward to support Clarion West.

Here are a few going on right now:
Pamela Rentz will match sponsors to her Write-a-thon page up to the first $100!
Arinn Dembo will send her Write-a-thon sponsors a free download code of her novel when it’s ready to release on STEAM if her total sponsor donations equal $1,000.

Class of 2017, aka Team Eclipse Story Challenge
Team Eclipse has challenged themselves and the Clarion West Community to support their collaborative story. They have already received their $500 minimum in donations on their team page, and the majority of the class is now embarking on writing their collaborative story using the exquisite corpse method, to be delivered on August 1st to all their donors.

Starting prompt: Mars is Burning.

Any sponsorship level will get you a copy of the above story

… but only if we hit $500 in total!

So donate, but don’t stop there. Flood Twitter and Facebook and everything else with this amazing offer!

Class Writing Participation Challenge
A generous supporter has given $500 in the name of the class with the highest participation by the end of the first week – and it ended with a tie between the class of 2012 and Team Eclipse from 2017, with 16 participating writers each. Runners-up: Class of 2015 with 7 writers, followed by the classes of 2009 and 2014 with 6 each. Congratulations to the winners, and many thanks to all of you for deciding to write this summer!

These are just a few of the writers offering sponsorship incentives this year. We have over two hundred writers in the Write-a-thon, and incentives range from postcard fiction to Twitter fandom and everything in between. Visit the Write-a-thon group page to browse profiles, read excerpts, and find writers to sponsor. All sponsorships are tax-deductible in the United States to the extent allowed by law.

Every sponsorship helps make the Clarion West Writers Workshop possible, and every sponsorship is a way to tell a writer that you believe in them. We can’t do it without you!