Every year, many of our Write-a-thon participants offer fantastic rewards to their sponsors, from postcard poetry to cat Tuckerizations! It’s a treat every year to see what writers offer as incentives.

You can learn about all the amazing offerings from Clarion West writers by browsing through their profiles here or read on. We highlight special offers every week.

All donations to the Write-a-thon support Clarion West and our workshops and outreach events. We are adding these as quickly as we can, more will be added every day! 

Tuckerization Offers (a Tuckerization is the act of using a person’s name – and sometimes other characteristics – in an original story as an in-joke.)
Get yourself (or the name of someone you know) written into a science fiction story! Be killed off in space! Become a talking cat! Glance through the following profiles to find their offers:

S.Y. Kaplan (@SaharaKap): For a sponsorship of $18 or more, S.Y. Kaplan will immortalize you on a colony ship, along with some famous science fiction characters and authors! 

Marilyn Holt (@mjholt): For a sponsorship of $100 Marilyn will Tuckerize you in a second book. 

Joule K Zelman (@vivapetronella): For a sponsorship of $40 or more, Joule will name a character after you or let you name a character (certain limits apply). 

Liz Phillips: For a $20 sponsorship, Liz will place your name in a story, poem, etc. 

Cup (@chimeracupkeyk): For a $20 sponsorship, Cup will name a major character after you by searching for its etymological root and translating that to Filipino/Tagalog. Any amount gives you access to his WIP as a commenter and if you insult the WIP, he might even kill you in fiction!

Gordon B. White (@gordonbwhite): is happy to name characters after you at any sponsorship level, but you have to understand that in his stories, they’re likely to meet bad ends.

Rebecca Demarest (@rebeccademarest): For sponsorships of $500+ – Pick your prize! I’ll even write you a custom short story!

Izzy Wasserstein (@izzyxen): For $100+ sponsorship reward: I’ll Tuckerize you in my novel.

Emily C. Skaftun (@eskaftun) and/or Andrew Penn Romine (@inkgorilla): If you donate $25 to either Emily or Andy, you can name a minor character in our novel, who will probably come to an ugly end – or most likely on the menu!

Mehran Baluch (@ikender): Anyone who donates will be written into one of my stories, probably as a background character/extra.

RoscoLance (@RoscoLance): $25 – Upon request, I’ll name a character after you. and for $125 – Upon request, I’ll name a character after you, and I’ll make them a really terrible person.

Jae Steinbacher (@JaeSteinbacher): For a sponsorship of $100: I’ll use your name (full, first, or last, your choice) in a story, either as a character, place, or some other fun nugget. (Totally stealing from Emma Torzs CW’17 here.)

Dorothy Emry (@nerdwrites) For sponsorships of $50 – Get a character in my new fantasy novel named after you. Be a lost soul haunting Cassidy’s diner! Join the crowd waiting to cross over into the afterworld! Who knows what the Fates have in store for you!

Get a post card from your writer – with unique stories, messages, and poems! 

The Original Postcard Reward (this claim has not been verified): Emily C. Skaftun (@eskaftun): All sponsors paying over $20 will receive a one-of-a-kind postcard story on an actual postcard from an actual foreign country (Iceland, Ireland, Cuba, Norway, or Israel primarily). To read my famous* story postcards, visit ecskaftun.com/postcards-from. These may or may not be cryptid themed. Other write-a-thon-ers may offer story postcards, but do not be fooled! These are the originals!

Liz Phillips: For a $10 sponsorship, Liz will send a flash story on a postcard, along with her thanks. For a $50 sponsorship, she will send you a page of her Clarion West writing with an illustration  created over some of the text, along with my thanks.

A. T. Greenblatt (@AtGreenblatt): will send you a postcard with her thanks.

Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas (@kitsune_ng): For a sponsorship of $10-$50 You’ll receive a postcard with a micro fiction written on it, for $30 or more, the micro fiction is prompted by you! 

Izzy Wasserstein (@izzyxen): For a $10 sponsorship reward: PICK ONE: I will write a ridiculous, over-the-top poem on the subject of your choice (to be delivered electronically after the write-a-thon) OR I’ll write something silly on a postcard and mail it to you (to be delivered after the write-a-thon).

DidiLea: Each person who supports me with a $15.00 pledge will receive a postcard story in the mail from me.

Iori Kusano (@IoriKusano): for a sponsorship of $15-30 you will get you a Twitter mention AND a thank-you postcard, mailed to wherever-you-are from my home base in Tokyo. 

Michael Manzer (@nevtelenuriembr): For a sponsorship of $10 – Michael will send a postcard to your snail mail address (or any other address you desire) with original microfiction on it.

Get Something Unique! Some of our very creative writers will be sending stories, poems, and other things to their sponsors – don’t miss out!

Elly Bangs (@elly_bangs): Upon request, $10 sponsorship and Elly will doodle an extremely simple piece of fan art for a story of your choice. For a $20 sponsorship, upon request, she’ll send you eBook copies of her ten published stories — plus an extra never before seen. For a $500 sponsorship, upon request and limit 2, she will sew, bind, sign, and mail you a hardback copy of the aforementioned compilation.

Cup (@chimeracupkeyk): For a $50 sponsorship, he will read one of your stories and provide constructive feedback of at least 150 words.

Team Eclipse (AKA Class of 2017!): For the month of July the Class of 2017 is offering several rewards! $20 gets you a Team Eclipse cookbook on a google document, with recipes that may or may not include: maffe, cocktails, the best chocolate chip cookies, etc. For a sponsorship of $25 we’ll each write a paragraph breaking A MAJOR CRAFT RULE and send them to you. For $50 and you can select a craft rule you want us to break. Send us your hardest challenge. We can take it!

Patrick Samphire (@patricksamphire) will send you an ebook of his novel, SHADOW OF A DEAD GOD, for a sponsorship at any amount. 

Carlie St. George (@MyGeekBlasphemy): Carlie will match sponsorships of $5 to Clarion West with a matching $5 donation to to The Okra Project, which provides meals and resources to Black transgender people for up to 40! If you sponsor Carlie for $50, she will also write a movie review/essay on any movie of your choosing OR an essay analyzing what your chosen film would look like if the gender roles of every character were flipped (Limit 1 person!). 

Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas (@kitsune_ng): For a sponsorship of $50 or more you’ll receive a personalized micro fiction postcard and a mysterious Science Fiction or Fantasy book. (only US addresses, sorry) [limited to 3] 

Nichole Laurie (@niciswriting): For a $25 sponsorship, pick a heroine or goddess from Greek mythology for Nichole to focus on in her weekly flash fiction piece.

K.G. Anderson (@writerway): For a sponsorship of $50 or above and get a copy of Galaxy’s Edge #41 with K.G. Anderson’s coming-of-age story “Where the Train Goes.”

Fábio M. Barreto (@fabiombarreto): For a sponsorship of $5 Fábio will thank you on Twitter; for $15 he’ll invite you to a literary on YouTube; and for $20, he’ll share his Work in Progress with you! 

Serena W. Lin (@serenawlin): The first 3 sponsors at $50+ can write a DEAR GALUMPH Letter and get a letter back (with life-changing advice) from either one of her novel characters or her Internet famous alter ego, The Galumph. Disclaimer: None of her characters or beings are licensed therapists. 

Rebecca Demarest (@rebeccademarest):  For a sponsorship of $25 – I will mail you a physical copy of one of my books, your choice out of what I have available here at home! For a sponsorship of $100 and you’re local – I’ll take you out to drinks and we can talk shop, dogs, or whatever floats your boat…once its safe, of course.

Izzy Wasserstein (@izzyxen): $25 sponsorship reward: I’ll send you a signed copy of my poetry collection, When Creation Falls.

Eugenia (@FoxesandRoses): For a sponsorship of $25: A thank you tweet and I’ll email you pictures of my doggo Skeletor (he is seriously cute!)

Miriah Hetherington (@jMiriah): My first ten sponsors who donate $25 or more to Clarion West will receive a wooden bowl or wand (turned by my husband on his lathe), pictured here, shipped anywhere in the USA.

RoscoLance (@RoscoLance): For a sponsorship of $1 – Upon request, I’ll email you one of my write-a-thon stories. 

Jae Steinbacher (@JaeSteinbacher): For a sponsorship of $10, I’ll do a 10-minute caricature of you (likely done on paper but sent digitally).

Dorothy Emry (@nerdwrites) For sponsorships of $25 – I will mail you a physical copy of one of my books, your choice of what I have here at home (I even have a few copies of my out-of-print Kat Duarte novellas).

Iori Kusano (@IoriKusano): for sponsorships in excess of $30, I’ll do a Tarot reading for you with the Arcane Bullshit Tarot! For a $200 sponsorship, you can also choose to Buy My Silence! I will stop tweeting for one (1) prearranged calendar day (midnight to midnight, please specify your time zone) of your choice.

Shannon Fay (@shannonlfay): Anyone who donates at least a $1 will get a copy of the TTRPG Shannon is working on when it is complete.

Archita (@architamittra): I’ll write a short poem for and to every person who donates any amount.

Michael Manzer (@nevtelenuriembr): For a sponsorship of $25 – Michael will send you a personal copy of every story he finishes during the write-a-thon.

Evergreen Lee (@anevergreen): For a $25 sponsorship – Evergreen will write a short story (probably flash) based on whatever you suggest (no erotica and nothing offensive). She doesn’t promise it will be a *good* story, but will send you the first draft in email and if it is ever published, will mention you in the author notes!

Curtis Chen (@curtiscchen): For a $50 sponsorship Curtis will send you an email critique of your query letter (up to 300 words). For $100 he will send you an email critique of your short story (up to 5,000 words). And for $200 he will email a critique of the first 40 pages of your novel (up to 10,000 words)!

Matching Challenges
From time to time, a generous participant or donor will offer a challenge to help move the fundraising forward to support Clarion West. Double your impact! 

The Week 2 Matching Challenge from the Class of 2017 was met, raising a total of $8,000 toward our Write-a-thon goal! 

Breaking Week 5 Matching Challenge! New $2,000 Matching Challenge has been issued from an anonymous donor! Help make a difference by matching every donation as a 1:1 match up to $2,000 between now and the end of the Write-a-thon (July 31)! Any donation not part of another challenge counts toward this goal! 

Individual Writer Matches! 

SemperIntrepida is matching donations made to her page up to a total of $1000! All sponsors will receive weekly updates with a progress report on her work with bonus content!

Jake Kerr (@jakedfw) is matching donations made to his page dollar-for-dollar up to $250! 

Pamela Rentz (@pamrentz): is matching donations made to her page up to $100. Micro-donations welcome!

Stewart C Baker (@stewartcbaker): is matching donations to his page up to $50 with a donations of equal value to the Carl Brandon society!