Many of our Write-a-thon writers offer fantastic rewards to their sponsors–from postcard fiction to five-minute cosplays, it’s a treat every year to see what writers offer as incentives. Clarion West works with some writers who agree to provide very special incentives. These are rare opportunities to become immortalized in print by some of the field’s most exciting writers.

This year’s special incentives are available for a $495 sponsorship. To claim this sponsorship reward, go to your chosen writer’s Write-a-thon page and use the Sponsor button to make your donation. On the confirmation screen, click “Add special instructions to seller” and let us know that you would like one of the Tuckerizations. Our Executive Director will be in touch to confirm details.

What’s a Tuckerization? Read the definition and history of Tuckerizations here.

Ian McDonald
The moon’s a dangerous place. Let Ian McDonald, one of the masters of science fiction and a Clarion West instructor, take you there…and then kill you (fictionally). There are three of these Tuckerizations available. Update: one Tuckerization has been claimed! You or a loved one can lend your name to a doomed character in an upcoming novel in McDonald’s acclaimed Luna series for a $495 sponsorship. Have your spectacular, plot-developing fictional death immortalized and available for all the world to read!

David D. Levine
David D. Levine, award-winning author of Arabella of Mars, is offering one Tuckerization this year. Donate $495 to the Clarion West Write-a-thon, and David will name a character after you, your cat, or your childhood teddy bear in a story (novel, novella, novelette, novelini) to be written in the next few years.

Kathleen Alcalá
Kathleen Alcalá, known for her work set in 19th century Mexico and the Southwest as well as for her non-fiction exploring food and culture on Bainbridge Island, is offering three Tuckerizations this year for $495 sponsorships: one in a story currently under consideration for publication, and two in stories she is writing during the Write-a-thon.

These are just a few of the writers offering sponsorship incentives this year. We have over two hundred writers in the Write-a-thon, and incentives range from postcard fiction to five-minute cosplays and everything in between. Visit the Write-a-thon group page to browse profiles, read excerpts, and find writers to sponsor. All sponsorships are tax-deductible in the United States to the extent allowed by law.

Every sponsorship helps make the Clarion West Writers Workshop possible, and every sponsorship is a way to tell a writer that you believe in them. We can’t do it without you!