The Seventh Week

Cat Rambo

Clarion West’s newsletter for graduates, friends, and supporters

The Seventh Week features a roundup of news from within the Clarion West community.

It features interviews with instructors, former students, and volunteers; reports from staff and board members; and articles on the world of creative writing.

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Previous issues

Spring 2014Eileen Gunn: Stubborn and Tightly Stacked Interview by Nisi Shawl, ’92; Eventful Horizon: Our First Workshop Report by Neile Graham, ’96, and Huw Evans, ’12; Rolling with the Punches by Mark Bukovec, ’06 and much more…

Fall 2013: Eugene Myers: Building on the Work of Others by Kelley Eskridge; Clarion West’s 30th Anniversary Workshop by Leslie Howle, ’85, Workshop Director and much more…

Spring 2013: 30th Anniversary Commemorative Photo Essay by Leslie Howle, ’85, Workshop Director; Looking Backward and Forward by Leslie Howle, ’85; and much more….

Fall 2012: Clarion West Founding Mothers Round Robin conducted by Nisi Shawl, ’92; Writers and Tigers and Sharks by Leslie Howle ’85, Workshop Director; and much more….

Spring 2012: Rachel Swirsky: Communities of Choice Interview by Nisi Shawl, ’92; Living with Louise by Arinn Dembo ’90; Heroes and Stories by Leslie Howle ’85; and much more….

Fall 2011: Hiromi Goto: Interrupting Expectations Interview by Nisi Shawl, ’92; How to Build a Good Author Website by Patrick Samphire, ’01; Going the Distance by Leslie Howle, ’85, Workshop Director; and much more….

Spring 2011: Andrea Hairston: Making Meaning and Finding Patterns Interview by Nisi Shawl, ’92; A Day in the Life of a Video Game Writer, Part Two by Diana Sherman, ’02; Springing Ahead and Looking Back by Leslie Howle, ’85, Senior Workshop Administrator; and much more….

Fall 2010: Minister Faust: Writing is not a performance art Interview by Nisi Shawl ’92; A Day in the Life of a Video Game Writer, Part One by Diana Sherman ’02; Celebrating Old and New Traditions by Leslie Howle ’85 and much more….

Spring 2010: Kij Johnson: A Million Suppositions, or Turtles All the Way Down Interview by Nisi Shawl ’92; From the Chair by Kelley Eskridge; 2010 Musings by Leslie Howle ’85, and much more….

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