June 16-July 27, 2024

The Write-a-thon is a time of year we set aside to focus on our wider writing community. For six weeks every summer, participants set writing goals for themselves, share their progress, encourage one another, and write!

  • Achieve your writing goals
  • Meet other writers in our online affinity groups
  • Level up your writing with our weekly writing prompts
  • Join sprints and writing sessions online
  • Exclusive access to writing classes, videos, and craft talks
  • No cost, no obligations

Anyone, at any level, can participate in the Write-a-thon, an opportunity to write alongside the Six-Week Workshop participants. 

You can use the Write-a-thon to set personal goals in writing. You can cheer others on, meet fellow writers, and raise funds for Clarion West. The Write-a-thon brings together CW alumni, instructors, and new friends from around the world in one big happy puddle of writerly support.

All donations support Clarion West workshops and outreach programs.

If you have any questions, you can check out our FAQ or email us at writeathon@clarionwest.org. Happy writing!