Summer Workshop Wish List

If you’d like to help the workshop’s students be more comfortable in our new facilities where they’ll be eating, sleeping, and living story for six weeks this summer, there are ways for you to help!

The Summer Workshop needs items large and small for the students every year—from coffee to whiteboards and beyond. If you’d like to help out, you can purchase items from our Amazon Wish List or any of the other workshop needs below. Some needs on the list will be updated closer to the workshop.

Buy the students a welcome meal for their first orientation: $250

Buy one of the instructors a meal: $75 (6 total available)

Host a Friday Party! Two of the 2024 parties will be located in Seattle parks. Donate $120 to be our official host for one of the park parties to celebrate the class, instructor, and community! The host fee covers the park reservation while providing safe, outdoor locations to gather. (2 1 available)

Buy an ORCA transportation card ($5 each) & help pre-load it with $15! (18 total available)

Buy the students welcoming gifts: $50 Donated!

Buy a cake for graduation: $80 Donated!

Buy a graduation treat to accommodate no-cake dietary needs: $50 Donated!

Buy the students a graduation writing tool: $20 Donated!

Non-financial donations

Travel is expensive for the students and the instructors! If you have extra travel points, hotel points, or miles, please contact Marnee at to see if any of these can be applied to reduce the travel costs this summer.