Introducing the Clarion West Class of 2015

Clarion West is honored to present the Summer Workshop Class of 2015:

Dinesh Pulandram, from Melbourne, Australia

Garret Johnston, from Sherwood Park, Alberta

Rebecca Campbell, from Windsor, Ontario

Monidipa “Mimi” Mondal, from Calcutta*, India

Thersa Matsuura, from Yaizu, Japan

Samuel Kolawole, from Ibadan, Nigeria

Michael Sebastian, from Los Angeles, CA

Jake Stone, from Bloomington, IN

Nana, from New York, NY

Laurie Penny, from London, England

Margaret Killjoy, who is a nomad of the United States

Leo Vladimirsky, from New York, NY

Justin C. Key, from Washington, DC

Christine Neulieb, from Philadelphia, PA

Nibedita Sen, from Kolkata, India

Evan J. Peterson, from Seattle, WA

Tegan Moore, from Seattle, WA

Julia M. Wetherell, from Brooklyn, NY

Congratulations to all of this year’s students!


*used by request of the student

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