The 2019 Worldbuilder Scholarship

George R. R. Martin, Tim Chawaga

The 2019 Worldbuilder Scholarship to attend Clarion West Writers Workshop has been awarded to Tim Chawaga of Brooklyn, New York.

The Worldbuilder Scholarship covers tuition, fees, and lodging for one student each year, and is funded by George R. R. Martin and blind-judged by Martin’s team. The scholarship is awarded to a student with strong worldbuilding skills. Martin says: “Every great story requires interesting characters, an engrossing plot, evocative prose, an important theme… but epic fantasy also requires a memorable setting. A ‘secondary universe,’ as J.R.R. Tolkien termed it, a world both like and unlike our own, with its own rich history and geography and customs, its own beauties and terrors.”

Tim Chawaga writes speculative fiction in Brooklyn. His work has most recently been published in Interzone, and he has a degree in drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Read more about George R.R. Martin’s Worldbuilder Scholarship here.

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