Announcing the Clarion West Class of 2020

We are honored and excited to present the Clarion West Six-Week Summer Workshop Class of 2020. These 18 writers will study with Andy Duncan, Eileen Gunn, Tina Connolly, Caroline Yoachim, Nalo Hopkinson, Neil Clarke, and Ted Chiang this summer. Please welcome them into our community. This is an exceptional year to be navigating the six-week workshop, and we can’t wait to see how this group shapes their experience. Congratulations, class!

Fawaz Al-Matrouk (San Francisco, California, USA)

Sam Davis (Los Angeles, California, USA)

Naomi Day (Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA)

Varsha Dinesh (Kerala, India)

Louis Evans (New York, USA)

Tania Fordwalker (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

Amit Gupta (Nomadic)

Steph Kwiatkowski (Naperville, Illinois, USA)

P H Lee (USA)

Sloane Leong (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Serena W. Lin (Oakland/Cupertino, California, USA)

Alex Payne (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Sydney Rossman-Reich (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Allison Thai (Houston, Texas, USA)

Nestor Walters (Thessaloniki, Greece/Seattle, WA, USA)

Yilin Wang (Sichuan, China/Vancouver, Canada)

Joule Zelman (Seattle, Washington, by way of New Jersey, USA)

teri.zin (Jersey City, USA, by way of Trinidad)

Our highest priorities are the safety and well-being of our students, instructors, staff, and our entire community. We are passionate about helping our community of writers. More announcements regarding our summer contingencies are coming soon.

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