Little Sisters and Other Stories

Clarion West is pleased to announce the release of Little Sisters and Other Stories. This collection presents a selection of short fiction by Clarion West founder and life-long supporter, Vonda N. McIntyre.

With story notes by Una McCormack, this collection spans the whole of McIntyre’s career, showing the broad range of her interests and her voice, taking us from bleak dystopian worlds on the verge of environmental collapse to baroque intergalactic civilizations populated by genetically modified humans; from cries for freedom to sharp-eyed satire to meditations on aging.

Published by Gold SF, an imprint of Goldsmiths Press dedicated to discovering and publishing new intersectional feminist science fiction, the collection captures McIntyre’s distinctive themes of gender and power dynamics, human and species diversity, and a pragmatic utopianism that emphasizes our mutual dependency.

Featuring previously uncollected stories from McIntyre’s earlier career, including her first published piece, “Breaking Point” (1970), as well as McIntyre’s last two vivid and provocative pieces, the award-nominated “Little Faces” (2005) and “Little Sisters” (2015). One story, “XYY,” was intended for The Last Dangerous Visions edited by Harlan Ellison, and we are pleased to present it here for the first time. 

The ten stories in this collection include:

  • Breaking Point
  • Thanatos 
  • Shadows, Moving 
  • Elfleda 
  • A Story for Eilonwy 
  • Malheur Maar 
  • The Adventure of the Field Theorems 
  • Little Faces 
  • Little Sisters 
  • XYY

Planned for release on April 23, 2024, advanced copies are available for purchase now:


We are actively seeking a publisher for The Curve of the World, Vonda’s last manuscript. For inquiries about The Curve of the World and Vonda’s other stories, please contact Jennifer Goloboy with the Donald Maass Literary Agency: 

For rights inquiries:

For all other matters: 

Mailing address:
Donald Maass Literary Agency
1000 Dean Street, Suite 252
Brooklyn, NY 11238


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