If you’d like to help the workshop’s students be more comfortable in the home where they’ll be eating, sleeping, and living story for six weeks this summer, there are ways for you to help! The Summer Workshop needs items large and small for the students every year—from coffee to whiteboards and beyond.  If you’d like to help out, you can purchase items from our Amazon Wish List or donate the items below with these PayPal buttons.

Thank you so much for helping support our students and our workshop!

Clarion West Amazon Wish List


Clarion West Student Needs

For $170, buy the students pizza for their first orientation


For $50, buy one of the instructors a meal – 6 total available


For $35, buy a cake for graduation


For $50, buy a vegan cake for graduation


For $40, buy the students essential professional graduation gifts (alumni, you know what these are–if you donate these and don’t know, email info@clarionwest.org and we will tell you)


For $20, buy the students a graduation writing tool


You can also contribute to the student slush fund for small, unexpected needs: late-night sandwich runs, bus fare for getting around Seattle, surprises for the instructors, and so on.


You can purchase a gift for the students by buying a gift card for any amount at the Archie McPhee site. Use the recipient address info@clarionwest.org.