Using all the Senses
Tuesday, May 26, 12pm-1pm

Using All the Senses with David D. Levine

David Levine

One of the most basic pieces of writing advice is to engage all of the reader’s senses. An easy writing mistake is to use only sight and hearing. But why stop with touch, taste, and smell? People interact with the world in more ways than that… let’s explore them in our fiction as well.

Class open to everyone age 18 and over. 

Tuesday, May 26, 12pm-1pm

About the instructor: 

David D. Levine is the author of Andre Norton Award winning novel Arabella of Mars (Tor 2016), sequels Arabella and the Battle of Venus (Tor 2017), and Arabella the Traitor of Mars (Tor 2018), and over fifty SF and fantasy stories. His story “Tk’Tk’Tk” won the Hugo, and he has been shortlisted for awards including the Hugo, Nebula, Campbell, and Sturgeon. His stories have appeared in Asimov’sAnalogF&, numerous Year’s Best anthologies, and his award-winning collection Space Magic.

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