One-Day Workshops

Throughout the year, Clarion West invites acclaimed instructors to teach a six-hour class in Seattle’s University District. These intensive single day workshops contain many of the elements of our Six-Week Workshop, such as instructor-facilitated group critique, and discussions about technique or professional concerns. They are available to anyone aged 18 or older for a $130 fee unless otherwise noted.


Characters of Distinction

Sunday, September 13 • Patricia Briggs • Details and registration

Join Patricia Briggs as she discloses the secrets of building great characters: from protagonists, to antagonists, to the bit part walk-ons. Why do some characters leap off the page and others make readers yawn? Discover how plot and setting contribute to creating people who will live on in your readers’ heads after they set your book down.


Immersion Strategies

Sunday, October 11  Kij Johnson  Details and registration

SF and fantasy require a lot of world-building information for the reader, and it always feels as though she needs it all right now . How do we fill our readers in without loading them down with a lot of exposition or static description? This workshop will concentrate on immersive worldbuilding. We’ll talk, do exercises, and examine the pros and cons of some different strategies exemplified in published works.


If It’s Real, Show Me

Sunday, November 15 • Hiromi Goto • Details and registration

This workshop will be a boot camp in engaging the senses of the reader. We’ll talk about setting, description, narrative time, and how to write dramatic active stories that feel as real as the world we think exists around us. Short lectures will be followed by in-class exercises to practice our skills. We will do in-class critiquing if time and the number of participants allows.


Clarion West’s One-Day Workshop series is sponsored in part by 4Culture and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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