Clarion West Spring One-Day Workshops now open for registration

Registration is now open for our three Spring One-Day Workshops:

Sunday, March 15 • L. Timmel Duchamp • How to Read As a Writer
For this workshop only, the registration fee is $150.

Critiques from a variety of readers give writers insight into how the words they’ve put on the page are being transformed into the stories that unfold in their readers’ heads. This workshop will offer insight into how others are reading your story and help make it into the story you would like them to be reading. Students who enroll in this workshop will be asked to submit a piece of writing in advance.

Sunday, April 19 • Ken Scholes • Muse Management and Production in the Story Factory

Spend a day with award-winning, internationally acclaimed author Ken Scholes in a relaxed workshop focused on short stories. Ken combines his down-to-earth, sometimes witty, conversational teaching style with group exercises to show participants that a writer’s muse is always on the clock and can be trained to find stories anywhere and anytime.

Sunday, May 3 • Cat Rambo • Flash Fiction

Flash fiction—pieces 1000 words or fewer in length—can inspire, amaze, and delight, all in just a few words. In this workshop, you’ll examine examples of flash fiction, do exercises to get started writing flash, discuss how to review flash fiction, and finish with an overview of speculative flash fiction markets.

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