Clarion West Alumni News for September 2017

Welcome to the September edition of the Clarion West Alumni News!

If you’re looking for writing inspiration this fall, we have several One-Day workshops in September, October, and November. Head to the One-Day Workshop page to learn more and register.


Sheree Renée Thomas (CW ’99) won the inaugural LA (Leslie) Banks Award at the Blerd City conference in Brooklyn, New York for her outstanding work and her tireless efforts in the field of speculative fiction. Clairesa Clay, the founder of Blerd City, says of Sheree, “Sheree embodies the highest standard of a writer, editor, and teacher in Fiction, and particularly Black Speculative. She is our Noble Laureate.”

Nana Nkweti‘s (CW ’15) prose-poem, “Schoolyard Cannibal,” is on the short list for Brittle Paper’s inaugural anniversary awards, honoring works that represent their vision of the dynamism of literature.

Julie Steinbacher (CW ’14) was chosen to receive a 2017 – 2018 North Carolina Arts Council Artist Fellowship Award in Literature.

Dominica Phetteplace (CW ’07) was one of the winners of this year’s Jaffe Award, which is dedicated to honoring and supporting women writers in the early stages of their careers.


Several Clarion West alumni had stories published in Daily Science Fiction in August: “‘A Seed in the Ground” by Shannon Fay (CW ’14); “What Could Be,” by S. Qiouyi Lu (CW ’16); and “Hearts, Sticky with Mulch and Jam,” by Tina Connolly (CW ’06).

Tina Connolly (CW ’06) also has a story coming out in F&SF in September: “The Two-Choice Foxtrot of Chapham County.”

Cover art for Luminescent Threads

The author list for the collection Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia E Butler (Twelfth Planet Press), has been announced, and has a number of Clarion West alumni in it: K Tempest Bradford (CW ’03), Stephanie Burgis (CW ’01), Christopher Caldwell (CW ’07), Indra Das (CW ’12), Stephen Gold (CW ’05), Alex Jennings (CW ’03), Cat Rambo (CW ’05), Nisi Shawl (CW ’92), Jeremy Sim (CW ’11), Rachel Swirsky (CW ’05),  and Sheree Renée Thomas (CW ’99). The collection was edited by Alexandra Pierce and Mimi Mondal (CW ’15), and is up for pre-order now through the Twelfth Planet Press site.

Gordon Van Gelder‘s (CW ’87) anthology, Go Forth And Multiply: Twelve Tales Of Repopulation (Ramble House/Surinam Turtle Press), was published in July. The book can be ordered from Amazon or from your local independent bookseller.

The cover has been revealed for Bryan Camp‘s (CW ’12) debut novel, The City of Lost Fortunes (John Joseph Adams Books, 2018).

Steven Bryan Bieler’s (CW ’86) story, “Sweet Oblivion,” was published in Across the Margin in July.

Sandra Odell‘s (CW ’10) story, “The Whisper of Clockwork Wings” is now up at The Overcast podcast. This story was first published in her Christmas collection, The Twelve Ways Of Christmas (Hydra House).

Julie Steinbacher’s (CW ’14) story, “Collectors,” was published in the Spring 2017 issue of Beecher’s Magazine.

Skinny Charlie’s Orbiting Teepee,” by Pamela Rentz (CW ’08), was published in Apex in August.

Cover art for The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion

Margaret Killjoy‘s (CW ’15) book, The Lamb Will Slaughter The Lion, was published by in August. Read an excerpt of the novella and a review by Alex Brown at, and find links to buy the book at Macmillan.

Listen and You’ll Hear Us Speak,” by A. T. Greenblatt  (CW ’17) was published in Flash Fiction Online.

Arkteia,” a story by Genevieve Williams, (CW ’02), was published in See the Elephant in August.

Susan Palwick‘s (CW ’85) story, “The Shining Hills,” was published in Lightspeed in August.

The contents for the 2017 Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by John Joseph Adams, has just been announced and includes stories by several CW grads:

  • Helena Bell (CW ’13)
  •  Lily Yu (CW ’13)
  • Nisi Shawl (CW ’92)
  • Alice Sola Kim (CW ’04)
  • Caroline M. Yoachim (CW ’06)

The newest Liaden Universe novel from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (CW ’73), Neogenesis, has been announced and is available for pre-order through Amazon and other booksellers.

Until the Day We Go Home,” by Caroline M. Yoachim (CW ’06), was published in Fireside Fiction in August.

Ian Muneshwar‘s (CW ’14) story, “Skins Smooth as Plantain, Hearts Soft as Mango,” was published in The Dark in August.

Octavia Cade‘s (CW ’16) story, “The Stone Weta,” was published in Clarkesworld in August.

Two Clarion West alumni have stories in the latest issue of Anathema Magazine: “Beneath the Briar Patch,” by Craig L. Gidney (CW ’96) and “Never Yawn Under a Banyan Tree,” by Nibedita Sen (CW ’15).

Maura McHugh‘s (CW ’06) story, “The Light at the Centre,” has been selected by editor Stephen Jones for Best New Horror #28. It was first published in Uncertainties, Vol. 1.

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