Clarion West Alumni News for March 2020

Dear friends,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy, and we expect that, no matter where you are on this planet, you may have some extra time to read and write. We can find solace and strength in both of these activities, and thankfully, our community continues to deliver amazing publications. Keep reading below for a list to keep your speculative appetite satisfied.

Clarion West is working during these unprecedented circumstances to innovate and support writers across the globe. Keep an eye on our online workshops web pate for free online writing workshops for adults and youth! Until then, here’s an official statement, followed by our March announcements:

A Message from the Executive Director

Our highest priorities are the safety and well-being of our students, instructors, staff, and our entire community. We are mindful of the concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19 and are committed to being responsive, following the recommendations of US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Public Health Seattle & King County.

As a result of the current closures and recommendations around events, we are moving our spring workshops online. If you have already registered for the James L. Sutter Workshop on March 28 or the Whitney Beltrán Workshop on April 4, you will be sent instructions for how to access your workshop online over the next week if you have not received this already. The JY Neon Yang Online Short Fiction Workshop from April 10-May 10 also still has a few spots remaining. 

Clarion West is in a unique position for helping writers while isolated. We are currently working on some plans to offer free writing classes and writing sprints during this period of extreme isolation. We are also exploring partnering with other organizations to offer free writing classes for high school students while the schools have closed. Our community is filled with folks experienced in teaching and writing experience at all levels. If you are interested in helping us as an instructor or have recommendations for online class set-up, please email us at

Many of you may be wondering about our plans for the summer workshop. At this time, we are planning to move forward with the workshop. We are in the process of reviewing applications and accepting the 2020 class. We are talking to each student as we move forward about details surrounding the current public health recommendations and guidelines. Clarion West has offered to pay for additional travel insurance where applicable, to help ensure expensive tickets are refundable in the case of last-minute cancellation. We are working closely with our staff, board, and summer instructors on additional contingency plans. 

We will continue to share information on our social media platforms, website, and by email as we continue to respond to the current health crisis. 

Sincerely, Marnee Chua
Executive Director 

One-Day, Weekend, and Online Workshops

We’ve got a great lineup of One-Day Workshops this year:
Online, March 28: Worldbuilding Made Easywith James L. Sutter
Online, April 4: Writing For Games with Whitney Beltrán
Online, April 5–May 10: Short Fiction with JY Neon Yang             
And more to come! Thanks to Tegan Moore for steering this program!


Work with Clarion West: We’re hiring! We seek a part-time Development and Outreach Coordinator. Applications are open until the position is filled. 

Hugo House Summer Classes: Seattle literary centerHugo House invites proposals for their summer classes.

Alumni Publication and Awards News

We’re so proud of all of you! Keep sending us your good news!

Phoebe Barton (CW ’19)
“The Last Ship Out of Exville” in Kaleidotrope

Betsy Aoki (CW ’16)
A tenjō kudari (“ceiling hanger” yōkai) defends her theft” in Uncanny

Jude Wetherell (CW ’15)
Dead Horse Club” in Reckoning (first pro sale!)

Noe Bartmess (CW ’16)
Squeezing and Entering” in Translunar Travelers Lounge (first short story publication!)

Derrick Boden (CW ’19)
Hustle” in Escape Pod (written during CW!)
Millie Ho (CW ’19)
Hungry Ghost” in Uncanny 

Stephanie Burgis (CW ’01)
Burning Bright” in Daily Science Fiction

Greg Cox (CW ’84)
X-Men and the Avengers: The Gamma Quest Omnibus

Robert Guffey (CW ’96)
“The Advertising Man” in Nameless 
“A Scarcity of Angels” in Selene Quarterly
“Farewell, Frankenstein!” in Freedom of Screech
“Death Comes to Dark Oaks: SON OF DRACULA as Film Noir (and Other Occult Matters)” in Scripts from the Crypt: Son of Dracula
Bela Lugosi and the Monogram Nine (written in collaboration with Gary D. Rhodes)
“Dymaxion Love” in Hypnos
“The Detective with the Glass Gun” in Black Dandy

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