George R. R. Martin Announces New Worldbuilder Scholarship for Clarion West

George R. R. Martin at the Clarion West Six-Week Summer Workshop in 2012.

We are incredibly pleased and honored to announce that renowned fantasy author George R. R. Martin is sponsoring a new annual scholarship for the Clarion West Six-Week Summer Workshop.

Each year, the WORLDBUILDER SCHOLARSHIP will cover tuition, fees, and lodging for one Clarion West student who demonstrates both financial need and a talent for worldbuilding and the creation of secondary universes. The scholarship will be conferred via blind judging, and will not be limited by age, race, sex, religion, skin color, place of origin, or field of study.

“I remember very well what it was like to be a writer starting out, struggling for sales, and counting every dime,” says Martin. “It is my hope that the Worldbuilder Scholarship will help the next great fantasist on the long journey ahead.”

The Worldbuilder Scholarship will be awarded starting with the Clarion West Class of 2018. Click here to read George R. R. Martin’s full announcement.


UPDATE 1/31/18: To apply for the Worldbuilder Scholarship, submit a full application to Clarion West’s Six-Week Summer Workshop by March 1, 2018 and check “Yes” in the “Applying for scholarship aid” section. Further instructions will be given to accepted students.

Interested in applying to be part of Clarion West’s 2018 Six-Week Summer Workshop? Applications are still open. Learn more on our workshop information page.

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