Recommended Reading from Hispanic & Latinx Writers

As we reach the close of Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, we’ve put together the following list of recommended reading by authors of science fiction, fantasy, and horror who are also of Hispanic and Latinx descent. We recognize that the United States’ Hispanic Heritage Month has a history of exclusion and misrepresentation of the Spanish-speaking community, including the very terms such as “Latinx” and “Hispanic.” Further complicating the matter is the cultural and colonial history of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and that of Spanish and Portuguese colonists.

As part of our mission to support emerging and underrepresented voices in the genres, we recommend the following writers, including those who work in translation:

Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas (CW ’19)

Dominica Phetteplace (CW ’07)

Kathleen Alcalá

Andrea Chapela (CW ’17)

Isabel Cañas (CW ’18)

Silvia Moreno Garcia

Alberto Yáñez (CW ’11)

Lawrence Schimel** (CW ’91)

** Schimel does not identify as Hispanic, but translates many works from Spanish for English-language readers

Whitney “Strix” Beltrán

Malka Older

Daniel Jose Older

Alberto Chimal

Vita Ayala

Gabby Rivera

Adam Silvera

Katherine Quevedo

William Alexander

Zoaraida Cordóva

Yvonne Navarro

Latinx Rising; An Anthology of Latinx Science Fiction and Fantasy

Speculative Fiction for Dreamers: A Latinx Anthology

A brief and incomplete history and list of Latinx and Hispanic creators in comics:

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