We are honored to announce that Clarion West is the recipient of the literary assets of Vonda N. McIntyre, who wished that the organization manage her literary copyrights in perpetuity.

Looking for Vonda’s stories?

Many of Vonda’s digital works are on sale at Book View Cafe.

We are pleased to announce a new print publication of The Exile Waiting, available through Handheld Press. This new edition features beautiful new cover artwork by Jane Cornwell, which Vonda saw and approved of shortly before her death in early 2019.

Also included, a bonus short story! McIntyre’s forgotten origins story ‘Cages’ was first published in 1972 and was rediscovered during the preparation of this edition.

Contact Information

Questions relating to the literary trust of Vonda N. McIntyre can be sent to Janna Silverstein: contractmanager@clarionwest.org or call Clarion West at (206) 322-9083.

Remembering Vonda

A beautiful collection of Vonda’s friends, colleagues, admirers, and fans tributes to life. Remembering Vonda is published by Union Street Press and available at Lulu.com.